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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Political ads Kansas style (only slightly exaggerated)

The Debate between Tiahrt and Moran is heating up

The following is a fake ad paid for by no-one!

Jerry Moran:

Todd Tiahrt has lied about me. He said I’ve worked with politicians of the other party to get things done about jobs and healthcare. That’s a lie.

I have blocked all of Obama’s attempts to fix the economy. I've led the conservative fight to stop the president from getting ANYTHING done.

Tiahrt accused me of caring about poor people, especially children, over the need for health care. Wrong again. I’ve supported the rights of insurance companies 100 % of the time.

Tiahrt accused me of concern over the environment. I’ve supported some of the dirtiest air and water in the country.

On immigration reform, I’m an old fashion bigot and don’t let Tiahrt tell you otherwise.

No one is a bigger-self-centered ass-hole than I am and that includes Todd Tiahrt.

When it comes to being a political asshole, I’m the bigger man. All Tiahrt can do is lie.

I’m Jerry Moran and I approve this message.

Tiahrt believes he can beat me by being more of a lying slime ball than I am. He can't.

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