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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counter-cultural development and this book

Let’s not forget that my first novel is over a person who drifts through the counter-culture, and moves from a life of hedonism, to becoming a political activist. This books is about the very subject of this article.The book; Memoirs Of A Drugged-up, Sex-crazed Yippie ---Tales from the 70's Counterculture: Drugs, Sex, Politics and Rock and Roll, can be purchased Direct from the publisher, for $ 12.25. It is a 300 page look at a counter-culture freak who learns about the working class and the left. Here are some review of the book from;

This is honest and riveting. It drew me in right away. Backed, with pleasure.

CarolI love books like this and this is set in a time period I am a little obsessed with! The music was at it's best, and so much was happening in our history. I think you've captured that perfectly! I like the way you write, it's fitting for the subject matter. I think a lot of people are going to identify with this whether they lived through these times or not. I've really enjoyed reading your book ...... it's exactly the kind of thing I read out in the 'real world'!

MissyFantastic pitch, for starters. I love the raw honesty of your narrative. This truly was utterly fascinating. This is the sort of story that many people in similar situations or who've survived them, I should say, can really relate and connect to on a very personal level.Backed with honor.

C. L. Freire (DAVID THORNE: The Golithian Orbs)

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