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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


From the Kasama Project and This article is from The Red Star
- Issue 16, June 2010
Ever existing question – “is completion of revolution possible?” has been a hot debate in the specific political situation of Nepal. The debate, though it is not systematically run, has expanded from capital city to the remote villages and the corners of the country and in the international political arena. The present political situation of Nepal does not express the victory of any sides and defeat of any other. Rather, it clearly shows that there is an intense struggle between the two antagonistic ideologies and the visions. Neither side is ready to accept its defeat although the monarchy from the reactionary side has been knocked down. The present political situation shows the possibility of further class struggle for the rest of the victory or the loss.
Everybody knows that the UCPN- Maoist took initiative to take the way of agreement by analyzing the poor condition of the country and its incapability to bear the war and destruction for a long time. However, the agreement has not been accepted by the morally defeated parliamentary forces. It has violated the agreement and built the government status quo only. It is trying to take counter offensive to de-institutionalization of the revolutionary achievements gained through the People’s War and the People’s Movements. Therefore, they are being success to hatch conspiracy under the sympathy and support from the reactions.

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