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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement -Italy


We need a revolutionary proletarian feminismA feminist movement that is expression and in relationship with the rebellion and the struggles of the women, the girls, that develops from the working places - where the women are the most hit, exploited, discriminated precarious in all the aspects of their condition, oppressed and often harassed and raped by the owners and sometimes enslaved if they are immigrated; to the neighbourhoods and towns - where they kill our health and live; to the schools and universities - where they try to shut down our future; to the whole society - where the try to impose on us a modern middle age.A proletarian feminism, that is expression of the majority of the women, who are proletarians, workers, precarious today and tomorrow, who are oppressed in and out of the family, women who have nothing to defend, or to just "reform" but have double chains to break.A proletarian feminism, because this capitalist social system is a class system, this State is a class State, as well as this government and the these parliamentary parties, whose policies are based on the every-day class struggle, because the sexism, the clericalism, the fascism are expressions of a rotten and barbarized capitalist class.At the same time, it is among the proletarian women that the feminism emerges, because in the struggles they discover that it is necessary to bring in the struggle they carry out also with the men their point of view as women on all the issues that affect our lives, bringing a new thought, a new politics that, with the radicalism, combativeness and resolution of the women, their need of a general liberation - "we must change the whole life" - affirms the incompatibility and irreconcilability with every aspect, economical, political, social, cultural and ideological of this system.This proletarian feminism cannot be but revolutionary: from all the different aspects of the violence against the women emerges the "systemic" violence of this capitalist society that cannot be reformed but overthrown by a revolutionary process in which, as often now occurs in the most important struggle, the women will be the heart and the most "generalist" force, the most consistent and radical for a thoroughgoing revolution that will shake and transform the hearth and the heaven.
Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist
Mouvementmovimento femminista proletario rivoluzionario

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