Friday, August 27, 2010

A socialist party in Wichita Kansas – Labor Day celebration

A Sunday fund raiser was held for the Socialist Party of Kansas. The event was held at Kirby’s with a raffle and book sales. While this party is officially affiliated with the Socialist Party U.S.A. it is run mostly by Wichita State University Students. As with many such groups, it acts as an umbrella for people with different ideas and tendencies.
For many of these people it is either an introduction to sociliast ideas or it is a chance to put their own studies of socialist politics to action. The group plans to focus on several topics and issues. The groups is not that large, maybe a hundred, but for Kansas, that is a lot. Kansas is a Republican state were many politicians just assume labels such as socialism, communism and liberalism are hot button names that provoke anger.
The group may help turn that attitude around.
“We are trying to unite people to join the fight against the ultimate oppressor Capitalism. So look for us out there, we will have more events in the future. For instance a picnic on Monday, Sept 6th for the American Labor Holiday. @ Fairmount Park, between 15th and 16th street @ 2PM. It will be a potluck, but come even if you can't bring something because ALL ARE WELCOME! Bring the kids as well!,” said Candice Hare, an organizer for the group.

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