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Monday, August 09, 2010

UCPN(M) may settle on a coalition plan for Nepal’s government

So how is the revolution going in Nepal? There is no clear cut answer. They are negotiating with the other parties to set up a new government which will probably be run by the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).
Will it be revolutionary? Will it establish Marxism or Leninism or even Maoism as a national goal? That is unclear. What is clear is that the stalemate the UCPN(M) has had with the other major parties in Nepal, may be over soon. According to; this last Saturday;

” Unified CPN (Maoist) Saturday decided to continue efforts to form a government of consensus led by the party.A meeting of the Maoist office-bearers decided to hold "serious talks" with all the parties in the Constituent Assembly as part of their efforts to form a Maoist-led unity government.Talking to journalists after the meeting, Maoist vice chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the party has concluded that as the largest party it must get to lead a national unity government.The Maoist decision comes a day after the fourth round of failed prime ministerial election. Despite numerous parleys with Madhesi parties the Maoist leadership failed to win their support, which would form a simple majority.Meanwhile, Maoist leaders said after today's meeting that the party has taken seriously the alleged threat by an Indian Embassy staff to party's central leader and lawmaker Ram Kumar Sharma. According to Sharma, a 'councilor' of the Embassy threatened to abduct and kill him for joining the Maoist party by quitting the Terai Madhesh Loktantrik Party (TMLP) and his current role in the prime ministerial election.Today's meeting also decided to ask the Indian Embassy to give formal clarification over the alleged threat to its lawmaker.”

The UCPN(M) has been discussing the possibility of forming a “three point agreement ….among the three parties-UCPN-Maoist, UML and Nepali Congress,” The UCPN(M) has been discussing this for the last two months now in their publication Red Star;

Kathmandu, 29 May/The term of the Constituent Assembly (CA) has been extended for one year, coming to the late hour on 28 May, the stipulated date of drafting and declaration of a new constitution. For this, three point agreement has been made among the three parties-UCPN-Maoist, UML and Nepali Congress. The agreement is as as follows:
a). We are committed to consensus and cooperation to take the peace process to a logical conclusion and to complete the remaining tasks of the peace process and accomplish the historic responsibility of writing a new constitution.
b). Though significant progress has been made in the constitution drafting process, all the works have not been completed yet. So, we have agreed to extend the term of the constituent assembly for one year.
c). We are ready to advance on the basis of consensus to accomplish the a fore mentioned responsibilities and the works as soon as possible by forming a government of national consensus. We would like to make it clear that the Prime Minister of the present coalition government is ready to resign as soon as possible.
On the basis of the above agreement, UCPN-Maoist has agreed to extend the term. People are happy for this; however, they are not fully assured. People are suspecting on the provision, which reads that the government will be formed on the majority system. Before, there was consensus system which was amended by the CA recently. It was wrong; but it has not been corrected till now. The people actually want change in the country which is being impossible day after day even through the CA.However, there is no other alternative than to extend the term of the CA.

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