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Friday, September 17, 2010

We are Marxist not Moslems

There has been a debate by cerain leftists as to whether or not Marxist should join with

Moslem groups opposing imperialism and US invovlemnt in the Middle-east. We are not Muslems and we ust stand our own ground in our fight against imperialism. –Salimander សតិវ អតុ

Here are some views on that matter.

--- In, green_man2010@... wrote:

Report from supporter of the World People's Resistance Movement

(Britain) at the annual Al Quds Day demonstration in London:

After the debate on this list about whether or not we should attend


Al Quds demonstration I decided to go along as an observer and duck


or join in depending on what I saw. This is my report... Lurid

predictions of the march being dominated by overtly homophobic

anti-women and anti-Semitic groups like Hizb ut Tahir and Muslims

Against the Crusades were proved false as neither group had a visible

presence. The Muslim Association of Britain who were listed as one of

the organisers didn't appear either, though even if they had, their

presence (and even that of Hizb) would have proven little as both have

been regular attenders at anti-war demos for years. The demo was

mainly (80%) Shia - not surprising as Khomeni initiated the idea 30

years ago. Hizbullah flags and Hamas flags were in evidence but -

again contrary to the expectations of the demo's critics, only two or

three Iranian flags (there were actually more Lebanese flags). This is

about the same as you would get on any anti-war demo. There were a few

people hawking pictures of Khomeni and I saw a couple of people


them but the chant 'we are all Hizbullah' was eclipsed by the more

secular 'we are all Palestinians'. There was the occassional Allah

akbar but most slogans were of the 'Free free Palestine' variety. As

for the gender issue; I saw a number of Asian women not wearing any


covering (and plenty of white women too) and only two wearing the


I mention this only as a measure of fundamentalism or lack of. Men and

women marched together which is ironic given that I can remember being

on various demos (gay rights, womens' rights and anti-nuclear) in


there was a degree of segregation introduced by feminists. One man

leading the chanting with a megaphone was wearing a Rolling Stones

tee-shirt - hardly Taliban material! and a woman who was wearing a

headscarf wore a tee shirt with the slogan 'live to love' on it; again

probably not the sort of thing the moral police in Tehran woud have

liked! As for anti-Semitism there were more Jewish people on the Al

Quds demo than on the pathetically small counter demonstration (about

30) which included fascists, Zionists and, sadly, the Iranian Green


--- In, josephball924@ wrote:

Despite previous exposures some on the 'left' are still inclined to

give support to the Fascist Green Movement that is uniting with


States imperialism against the people of Iran. On 4th September 2010

an Al Quds demonstration was held in London. Members of the Green

Movement staged a counter-demonstration against it alongside members


the English Defence League who have been compared to the British


Of Fascists. Watch this video:

(If the link doesn't

work try to find 'Al Quds 2010 London EDL member exposed Youtube'


your search engine). 3 minutes in we see members of the Green


demonstrating alongside England flag waving EDL supporters. The

picture is a little grainy but in the close-up you can see the Green

Movement members wearing their green regalia and wearing green wrist bands.
I am issuing an urgent call to all Marxists not to be taken in by


Green Movement. A fascist movement does not have a left-wing that


be united with! I realise no genuine Maoist will support the Green

Movement but I am issuing this call here because I believe there may


those with some interest in or sympathy for Maoism who have been


in by the Fascists of the Green Movement. All Maoists must oppose US

imperialism as the principal enemy of humanity. We must never again

repeat the grievous errors of the Three World's Theory.

Best Joseph Ball

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