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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Elections are a sore subject to the Maoist and many on the Marxist Leninist left. Do we take part in elections? If so why? What do we accomplish?
Do we use them just for publicity? Can we win an election? Do we satirize the system? Or do we stop some of the worst jerks from taking office.
Yes I know there is no hope with the Democratic Party and a third party can’t win. The system is against that. But there are those local yahoos who just don’t deserve to spend taxpayers money on themselves and their ilk.
I do vote in local elections and support a few locals. That’s were real democracy is anyway. I didn’t expect much change from Barack Obama, and I never got it. My expectations were low. I knew he wasn’t the great left hope. But did I really want Sarah Palin in that office? Do I want any of her people to win? Let’s face up to it. This is a really bad system, but politicians and the right-wing can make it worse. If people lose Social Security and die in the streets, we just lose those people. The same is true of those who rely on unemployment benefits that the far right wants to end.
I once considered running for Sheriff with the slogan “I have no credentials for the job—just nutty ideas.” Kansas had a real Republican who won the job of attorney general with no credentials, Phill Kline, but he was backed by the anti-abortion crowd.
Maybe the real answer is to throw in a vote here and there and focus mainly on the revolution and laying its future ground work.
-សតិវ​ អតុ

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