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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Why arrest the elderly for marijuana?

From  Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

Recently a 66 year old man in Wichita was arrested for growing plants. He may have been selling them. According to The Wichita Eagle he had paraphernalia in his house.
Paraphernalia implies he was probably using at least some of this for himself. The age of this person shows that Marijuana is not just a kids issue anymore. Just about as many adults now use marijuana than young people. As with alcohol, people worry about teenage drinking, but allow it for people over 21. Yet they still persist in the perception that marijuana is just used by school age children.
Of course we don’t want young children using marijuana, but arresting a 66 year old man in his late years of something so many adults now do just doesn’t make any sense.
The police found most of the marijuana in a patch he was growing in his back yard. The man was growing his own on his own property and for a society that believes so much in property rights we have to worry why police need to keep searching individual’s private property.

If people in their 60s are using marijuana isn’t it time to change the laws we presently have? This is especially true for those with medical needs.

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