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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Document from the Communist Party (Marxist – Leninist) of Romania

I received this document in my e-mail. Apparently there are people in East Europe that still want socialism:
A Google translation;


(Marxist - Leninist)



Fundamentalist theses

I. Communist Party (ml) of Romania is communist nationalist fundamentalist organization,

weapon of the poor against the rich, political and organizational arm of the New Proletarian Revolution.

II. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will move away from communist bosses, new

aristocracy of the labor movement, political parties of the socialist movement of privatization and capitalism

Romanian society

III. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will fully expropriate the bourgeoisie New Ceausescu and postceausista

and to abolish private property

IV. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will establish pluralistic socialism, egalitarianism,

direct democracy, self-management workers' planned economy racing

V. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will provide all citizens work as

training, minimum wages from the state housing, free education, health care

minimal free

VI. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will institutionalize ratio 4 / 1 between wages and maximum

minimum wage will prohibit confidentiality and will eliminate duplication of functions.

VII. Communist Party (ml) of Romania rejected the cult of personality and the elite will

deprofesionaliza policy and will require proportional representation of the working class

VIII. Communist Party (ml) of Romania will separate church and state - ultimately making

churches, museums, tackle pollution and moral decay, including the execution

criminals, homosexuals and sellers of land.

IX. Communist Party (ml) of Romania, following Tudor martyrs Vladimirescu Abram

Iancu, Mihai Eminescu, Romanism Security campaigning for Romania Mare

the return of Bessarabia, Bukovina, Herta, and the Quadrilateral Motherland

"Romania Romania, only the Romans and all the Romans"

X. Communist Party (ml) of Romania announces misalignment and not integrating the country

globalized capitalist structures and will be solidarity with the popular forces and social liberation

under the national flag all over the Permanent Revolution, by way of Marxist - Leninist:

Trotsky - Mao - CheGuevara


War palaces, peace huts!

The original;





Tezele Fundamentaliste

I. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania este organizatia comunistilor nationalisti fundamentalisti ,

arma celor saraci contra celor bogati , bratul politico-organizatoric al Noii Revolutii Proletare.

II. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va alunga patronii din miscarea comunista , noua

aristocratie din miscarea muncitoreasca , partidele privatizarii din miscarea socialista si capitalismul

din societatea romaneasca

III. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va expropria integral Noua Burghezie ceausista si postceausista

si va desfiinta proprietatea privata

IV. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va instaura socialismul pluralist , egalitarismul ,

democratia directa , autoconducerea muncitoreasca , economia planificata competitionala

V. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va asigura tuturor cetatenilor locul de munca conform

pregatirii , salariul minim , locuinte din fondul de stat , invatamant gratuit , asistenta medicala

minimala gratuita

VI. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va institutionaliza raportul 4/1 intre salariile maxim si

minim , va interzice confidentialitatea salariilor si va suprima cumulul de functii.

VII. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania respinge cultul personalitatii si elitelor, va

deprofesionaliza politica si va impune reprezentarea proportionala a claselor muncitoare

VIII. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va separa biserica de stat – finalmente transformand

bisericile in muzee , va combate poluarea si descompunerea morala , inclusiv prin executarea

criminalilor , homosexualilor si a vanzatorilor de tara.

IX. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania , pe urmele martirilor Tudor Vladimirescu , Avram

Iancu , Mihai Eminescu , militeaza pentru Securitatea Romanismului , pentru Romania Mare ,

pentru revenirea Basarabiei , Bucovinei , Tinutului Hertei si Cadrilaterului la Patria Mama , pentru

"Romania Romanilor, numai a Romanilor si a tuturor Romanilor"

X. Partidul Comunist(m-l) din Romania va proclama nealinierea si neintegrarea tarii in

structurile capitaliste mondializante si se va solidariza cu fortele populare de eliberare sociala si

nationala de pe toate meridianele sub steagul Revolutiei Permanente , pe calea marxist – leninista :

Trotky – Mao – CheGuevara


Razboi palatelor , pace colibelor !

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