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Sunday, November 28, 2010

India -People’s March publication is back

-People's March


People's March is an interesting and informative publication about the Maoist revolutionary movement in India. It has (or has had) web sites at and   During 2007 the Indian government banned the online version of the magazine and has tried to close down or sabotage these and other web sites associated with People's March as well as other web sites reporting on Maoist ideas or activities in India. Then, on December 19, 2007, this suppression campaign was carried a step further with the arrest of the editor and publisher of People's March, P. Govindan Kutty. See the statement demanding the release of Govindan Kutty by the Revolutionary Democratic Front in India for further information. Finally, after much outrage about this arrest both in India and internationally, Govindan Kutty was released on Feb. 24, 2008, and made a statement at that time. Unfortunately the charges were still pending against him and he was not able to resume publication of People's March for over a year and a half.
We were completely opposed to these blatantly fascist measures which attempt to forcibly suppress progressive ideas and which are in gross violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Consequently we are also making copies of People's March available here and urge others who value freedom of thought to do the same.
We also have been able to post all the earlier issues of People's March in this Complete Archive, which also contains much other information from the suppressed People's March web site. (Some of this information is still being organized for systematic presentation on BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET.)
We now also have a Subject Index available for the issues through 2005

The Return of People's March!

In August 2009 we heard from Govindan Kutty that after a long appeal process the order suppressing People's March had been lifted. This is great news! Here, in MS Word format, is Kutty's letter with this announcement. The first issue of the post-suppression magazine, labeled vol. 10, #10, and dated October 2009, is now available below. While the magazine will no longer be officially banned, it will very likely still be quite difficult for many in India and elsewhere to obtain. For that reason the magazine will continue to be made available here on this web site.
The recent issues are in PDF format unless otherwise stated, and the most recently published issue is at the top of the list.

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