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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sarah Palin: famous for being famous


Sarah Palin is more than just a politician. She is a TV star and writer. Who knows whether she actually writes these herself or whether a ghost writer compiles them for her. She put two books out in a year’s time, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag, and Going Rogue: An American Life. That is a lot to write. Many of us wonder is she has the knowledge it takes to write anything at all.
She now has here own reality show and she just finished stumping for all those Tea Party candidates. She seems awful busy. Her new show seems to be mostly her in the wilds hunting and fishing. It looks more like an infommercial than an actual reality show. This is not the Osbourne’s show.
The media has focused on her as if she was the next Albert Einstein or the next Anna Nicole Smith (there is some resemblance). She has become one of those people who are famous mostly because they are famous. And what does she stand for? The most racist and backward politics the country has ever seen.
She wants to be president. But she clearly does not have the credentials and she might even be worse than George W. Bush. It would be great if the media moguls would just ignore her so she can go away or buy her own publicity. Instead she gets on Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight and other TV crap shows.
Later this month she will be signing her new book at Dillons Marketplace in Andover as part of her upcoming tour to promote her new book, "American by Heart," according to The Wichita Eagle. This is not surprising since the majority of people in this area are ultra-conservative. She probably has many stops as this one planned.
My guess is she will avoid any place where she might get picketed or have to answer tough questions and go for the safe havens such as Kansas.

Anna Nicole Smith and Sarah Palin have a lot in common. 

Several Wichitans are planning to picket Palin when she gets here. -សតិវ អតុ

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