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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tension is high on the Korean peninsula after shelling of Island

Tension is very high along the North and South Korean border after the Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea has launched an assault on one of the (South) Republic of Korea’s islands. According to a report in The Wichita Eagle;

“Meanwhile, the supreme military command in Pyongyang threatened more strikes if the South crossed their maritime border by "even 0.001 millimeter," according to the North's official Korean Central News Agency.”

At this point it is hard to say why the tension between the two Koreas has reached the pitch it has for the North to fire an all out military assault on the South. Here is a brief report of the incident, followed an official statement of the DPR of (North) Korea;

From to The Wichita Eagle;

Associated Press

INCHEON, South Korea - North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire Tuesday after the North shelled an island near their disputed sea border, killing at least two South Korean marines, setting dozens of buildings ablaze and sending civilians fleeing for shelter.

The clash, which put South Korea's military on high alert, was one of the rivals' most dramatic confrontations since the Korean War ended, and one of the few to put civilians at risk, though no nonmilitary deaths were immediately reported. Sixteen South Korean soldiers and three civilians were injured and the extent of casualties on the northern side was unknown.

The skirmish began when Pyongyang warned the South to halt military drills in the area, according to South Korean officials. When Seoul refused and began firing artillery into disputed waters, albeit away from the North Korean shore, the North retaliated by bombarding the small island of Yeonpyeong, which houses South Korean military installations and a small civilian population.

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Here is a Google translation from the KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea;

KCNA Pyongyang, November 21 on 21 "rodongsinmun" appeared in the ronpyeong of personal pseudonym "nefarious chicanery exposed to prayer," the expert is as follows.

South Korea ruling party dialogue and improving the flow of north-south relations have been moving it back to the vicious.

DPRK officials recently from abroad to make us lift the "complete nuclear abandonment," your, "responsible attitude" to your sleep was increased to such a pass. Built a "hanging drum stand is a drawback.", "Jeongsanghoedamman is possible to achieve the denuclearization goal." Neunttawiui Jahan dare not exceeding fifty thousand rooms did not hesitate.

Unification Minister Sage selectivity "National" in the north "in inter ripjang does not change." Talking and what that said "fundamental change of attitude" were the speeches about.

We confront and hansako hyungsimeul never without gettin around with these sounds do not naebaeteulsu.

Homologs of dialogue and cooperation between the two is urgently required than ever before when it is placed officials south of impure dare one puts it wants to improve the north-south relations on the whole nation is sucking up to intolerable provocation and a challenge for us is absolutely outrageous.

DPRK officials on nuclear issue and improve north-south relations whose "attitudes" spoke of that to the shameless geujieopneun is shouting. It's in and out of the beleaguered party is nothing more than scream.

DPRK nuclear issue and officials are interested in improving north-south relations, as a trembling But not to listen to us under the curse bolgeot is their own.

North-south relations and the resolution of nuclear issue on the composition of brake failure an artificial one moment, immediately south are among officials is that the world may know.

South Korea DPRK authorities and the municipal foreign plot to fake electrodes and sanctions and military provocations against us if hooked up to a run already I was in the six party talks will be resumed and the north-south relations as it is now would not have the sharp fall in confrontation. Nevertheless, the situation south of the responsible officials machido mislead public opinion as we are doing is maybe a piece of shit that's extreme.

That what they "Nuclear" and "attitudes" are not eligible for ununhal. South dialogue and cooperation of the authorities dare to deny that with us forever and ever soksim eotseoboryeoneun unification is to be exposed to AS.

Hopes for the flow of the tide now turned his back resolutely sticking to the DPRK confrontational policy, an act of sexual corruption of officials inside and outside of the ridicule and criticism, are stirring outrage.

They are in the United States and around the country, begging for air, but then Jean mokahpeuge DPRK is an international disgrace that the worlds, and then only in the north-south relations have improved.

Bappanan south ruling six-party talks so far were made to improve north-south relations and the responsibility over to others to put it back outside to see the arrows of criticism it is something great effort and struggle.

Dialogue and peace around the claim, while ignoring public opinion hansako those who are still obsessed with a fool's "change" really the patience of the authorities gasoropgi nyeombuloewoodeut geujieopda the south.

DPRK confrontational policy to insist on the authorities of the north-south relations will bring catastrophe and not only aggravate tensions. Therefore be changed to be the party officials themselves, is none other than South Korea.
DPRK authorities around the greater blame and do condemn the foreign forces wanted to avoid confrontation and to continue cooperation with us and want to try clearing kick banminjok ever north-south relations to improve synchronization of a fundamental change of attitude toward the show. (End)

Here is the original;

과거기사 달력>>2010년 11월 21일기사 목록
로동신문 《불순한 기도를 드러낸 궤변》-《태도변화》망발
(평양 11월 21일발 조선중앙통신)21일부 《로동신문》에 실린 개인필명의 론평 《불순한 기도를 드러낸 궤변》의 전문은 다음과 같다.

남조선집권세력이 대화와 북남관계개선의 흐름에 악랄하게 역행해나서고있다.

얼마전 남조선당국자는 해외에서 우리를 걸고들며 《핵의 완전한 포기》니, 《책임있는 태도》니 하는 잠꼬대같은 수작을 늘어놓았다. 지어는 《북이 버티면 버틸수록 손해이다.》, 《비핵화목적달성을 위한 정상회담만 가능하다.》는따위의 심히 오만방자한 망발도 서슴지 않았다.

통일부 장관 현인택도 《국회》에서 북이 《남북관계에서 립장변화를 보이지 않고있다.》고 떠들면서 그 무슨 《근본적인 태도변화》를 운운하였다.

우리와 한사코 대결할 흉심을 품지 않고서는 결코 이런 소리들을 함부로 내뱉을수 없다.

동족사이의 대화와 협력이 그 어느때보다 절실히 요구되는 때에 남조선당국자들이 그에 배치되는 불순한 망발들을 늘어놓은것은 북남관계개선을 바라는 온 민족에 대한 참을수 없는 우롱이며 우리에 대한 악랄한 도전이고 도발이다.

남조선당국자들이 핵문제와 북남관계개선에서 그 누구의 《태도변화》를 운운한것은 파렴치하기 그지없는 언동이다. 그것은 안팎으로 궁지에 몰린자들의 비명에 지나지 않는다.

남조선당국자들이 핵문제와 북남관계개선에 관심이 있는듯이 너스레를 떨면서 우리를 걸고들어야 욕을 볼것은 그들자신이다.

핵문제와 북남관계문제의 해결에 제동을 걸며 인위적인 장애를 조성한것이 바로 남조선당국자들이라는것은 세상이 다 아는 사실이다.

남조선당국이 반공화국모략극을 꾸며내고 외세와 야합하여 우리에 대한 제재와 군사적도발책동에 매여달리지 않았다면 이미전에 6자회담도 재개되였을것이고 북남관계도 지금처럼 첨예한 대결국면에 빠지지 않았을것이다. 그럼에도 불구하고 남조선당국자들이 마치도 사태의 책임이 우리에게 있는듯이 여론을 오도하는것은 철면피의 극치가 아닐수 없다.

그들은 그 무슨 《핵포기》와 《태도변화》에 대하여 운운할 자격이 없다. 남조선당국자들의 망발은 대화와 협력을 부정하면서 우리와 언제까지나 엇서보려는 반통일적속심을 그대로 드러낸것이다.

지금 대세의 흐름에 등을 돌리고 구태의연하게 대결정책을 고집하는 남조선당국자들의 비리성적인 행위는 내외의 조소와 비난, 격분을 자아내고있다.

그들이 미국과 주변나라들에 목아프게 반공화국공조를 구걸하였지만 차례진것이란 국제적망신과 북남관계개선에 나서라는 훈시밖에 없다.

바빠난 남조선집권세력은 지금까지 6자회담과 북남관계개선이 이루어지지 않은 책임을 남에게 넘겨씌우고 내외의 비난의 화살을 돌려보려고 무진 애를 쓰고있는것이다.

대화와 평화를 주장하는 내외여론을 한사코 무시하면서 아직도 어리석은 망상에 사로잡혀 그 누구의 《변화》를 념불외우듯 하는 남조선당국자들의 처사야말로 가소롭기 그지없다.

남조선당국이 고집하는 대결정책은 북남관계의 파국과 긴장격화밖에 가져올것이 없다.그런즉 변화되여야 할 당사자는 다름아닌 남조선당국자들자신이다.

남조선당국은 내외의 더 큰 비난과 규탄을 면하려거든 외세와 공조하여 우리와 계속 대결해보려는 반민족적망동을 걷어치우고 북남관계개선에로 나아가는 근본적인 태도변화를 보여야 한다.(끝)

From PBS.

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