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Friday, December 03, 2010

Kansas: Kobach's voter fraud campaign is about discrimination

Even though the Republican Party is clearly the dominant party in Kansas, and most of the country, newly elected Secretary of State Kris Kobac  is working hard to seal in that control. Fearful that Hispanic people may eventually vote, and fearing that many of them might vote against Republicans, Kobac is working hard on a voter fraud bill that will intimidate Hispanic voters and keep them from the polls on election day. The bill also helps keep poor people away and they have little use for a party that represents big business and tries to put the unemployed out in the street. The Republican Party does not need poor people voting. Republicans are the “white-mans party” and they are clearly racists and homophobic.

Secretary of State-elect Kris Kobach said last month, that he expects to take important steps toward combating potential election fraud in Kansas within a week of assuming office and will move quickly because he has a mandate from voters.
How will he do that? Will he require a photo Id for every voter?
Some people don't drive and about all most businesses and public agencies take for ID is a driver’s license, a military ID, Passport or a birth certificate and a birth certificate does not have a picture.
So how bad is voter fraud in Kansas?
According to the Lawrence Journal World; “there were a few reports of ballot irregularities and no allegations of illegal immigrants trying to vote.”
So where is all this voter fraud that Kobach said we have to fight? NO illegal immigrants are reported to have voted, even though Kobach said this was a major problem. Kobach clearly has made this a special issue with him and voters, but it seems to be over a problem that really doesn’t even exist.
This is no different than the literacy test used in the south. Voting booths in the Southern US had a copy of the constitution for blacks and a “Dick and Jane” book for whites to read.
With this new law a white business man can use a Kansas ID card, that really doesn’t prove anything, that people in liquor stores refuse to allow them as proof of age. Yet a homeless man or a new legal Hispanic immigrant needs something with more validity such as a driver’s license which he or she may not own. Any legal Hispanic person is also going to get profiled and scrutinized to vote under the new system. So it’s discrimination against both minorities and the poor.
It is likely that Republicans don’t want to face poor or Hispanic voters as both categories of people grow and may acquire influence.
Eeeeek! A Fraud!
(RJ Matson, Roll Call, April 16, 2007)

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