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Monday, December 06, 2010

Wikileaks is bigger than Pentagon Papers

Since Wikileaks is a big story, I have posted articles from several sources.

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

Wikileaks may be the biggest story since the Pentagon Papers and this story is far more reaching than the Pentagon papers ever was. This is not just the secrets of one war but of all the workings on US foreign policy.

As can be expected, the US government and many others have threatened to arrest Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks and our congress is looking for new laws to pass to prevent such leaks as if they are a breach in security.

They will claim that Assange and his crew are leaking information that jeopardizes national security, but in reality, it reveals some of the shady tactics the government is using under the disguise of the “war on terrorism.” The far reaching rules that redefine what is permissible, under the so called “Patriot Act,” have created a window for abuse that few governing officials can resist. Giving any government that much power is always a bad idea. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why we must resist our government’s attempts to go after these sites using cyber attacks. We should also resist the attempts to arrest Assange as if he is a terrorist.

Responding to the high-power denial-of-service attacks that have paralyzed the site following their publishing of US diplomatic cables, has responded by mirroring the entire site:

Direct link to the cable-gate archive:
Link to Swiss servers:
Click here to download a torrent for the ENTIRE site in one encrypted Wikileaks insurance file.
Wikileaks has said that should anything happen to their project, the means of decryption for the complete files will be made available.

Kasama has received the following newsworthy announcement to report:

“Wikileaks was shut down last night. Its founder, Julian Assange, is in hiding. At least half a dozen countries are seeking his arrest.

“One of his most important collaborators, Bradley Manning, is in a military prison.

“Wikileaks resurfaced this morning on a Swiss server:

“Please share WIDELY. The U.S. gov’t doesn’t want us to know the truth.”

American Press Freedom merely illusion

Kathmandu, 3 December, 2010 : Wikileaks website has been banned due to the fear of additional leakages of information about the dangerous decisions taken by super power American Administration. Probably, Obama Administration, which is praised as the most liberal and democratic administration in the world, has dreamt to end the probabilities of leakages forever in spite of the advanced communication net work. Communication and information is incomparable to any of sophisticated weapons in the 21st century world.
However, the greatest democratic nation America and its democrat rulers, who hatch inhuman conspiracy against the developing countries and the poor people of the world, dream to grasp the world within their feast. The access of the information and the communication is beyond their reach as the Wikileaks has proved it. It has crossed the illusion of the powerful rulers of the world.

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