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Friday, April 30, 2010

Maoism—hard rock—The Internationale—They go so well together

Mao Zedong [毛泽东] - The Savior and Father of Communist China!!!!

Mao Zedong! Videos from the life of Chairman Mao Zedong [Mao Tse Tung] - 毛泽东! The Savior and Father of Communist China!!!! SONG: Chinese Internationale Rock by Tang Dynasty band, in rock style (from CD "A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty", 1992 By LAZARODESOUZAGOMES

Wichita Mayday March for immigration Reform

March & Prayer Vigil for
Immigration Reform

Saturday, May 1, 2:00 to 5:00pm
Begins at 2300 N. Broadway

Please wear a white shirt.

Sponsored by
Sunflower Community Action
United Methodist Church Hispanic Ministries,
Kansas West Conference.

Nepalese already in the streets for May Day

From Kasasma Project:
Nepal’s Streets for May 1: We Make the Power!

by Jed Brandt

KATHMANDU, APRIL 29, 2010– Business as usual is over in Kathmandu. With two days to go until May First, overflowing buses are pulling in by the hour to the outskirts of town.
The city is crowded. Bus caravans are unloading directly into street marches wild with chanting, marshaled by uniformed cadre from the Young Communist League. Despite a week of fear-mongering by Nepal’s mainstream press, the crowds are militant, but unarmed. And they are giddy despite harassment from the Armed Police on the roads leading into the city.
Several Maoists have been arrested on petty weapons charges, but these are the exceptions to the rule.
The Maoist rallies have already started. The central intersections of every district I passed were filled with young people, always the young!
There is more density towards the center of the city, as mini-rallies are moving from the outskirts towards the center, but they aren’t all staying by government buildings. It seems as the contingents arrive, they are dipping into the center and then marching back out across the city. The convergence of all these hundreds of thousands of people is set for May First. The contingents are on their own for now.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recent oil leak wrecks havoc in the Gulf of Mexico/ long after Sarah Palin said “drill baby drill”

This week’s biggest news story—from The Wichita Eagle:

“It could take hours or it could take months to stop a 42,000-gallon-a-day oil leak polluting the Gulf of Mexico at the site of a wrecked drilling platform. Whether the environmental threat grows many times bigger depends on whether the oil company can turn the well completely off.
Crews are using robot submarines to activate valves at the well head in hopes of cutting off the leak, which threatens the Gulf Coast's fragile ecosystem of shrimp, fish, birds and coral. If the effort fails, they'll have to start drilling again.”

It all started with a fiery explosion that allowed oil to gush out of oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Now a major clean-up effort is in progress to stop the 42,000 gallon a day oil leak. Fish, coral and a huge number of marine species are at risk as this oil slick heads for shore.
Again The Wichita Eagle article explains the difficult problems this accident is causing:

“Crews are using robot submarines to activate valves at the well head in hopes of cutting off the leak, which threatens the Gulf Coast's fragile ecosystem of shrimp, fish, birds and coral. If the effort fails, they'll have to start drilling again.
The submarine work will take 24 to 36 hours, Doug Suttles, chief operating officer for BP Exploration and Production, said Sunday afternoon.
"I should emphasize this is a highly complex operation being performed at 5,000 feet below the surface and it may not be successful," he said.
Oil continued to leak nearly a mile underwater Sunday at the site where the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on Tuesday. Eleven workers are missing and presumed dead.
For the second consecutive day, high waves prevented boats and equipment from going out to clean the spill. Airplanes sprayed chemicals to break up the oil.”

In the last election Sarah Palin went on the campaign trail calling for deregulations that would allow off shore drilling in a number of places that were considered too risky to the environment or just too risky.
When she hollered “drill baby drill” it became a mantra of the Republican Party. This was oil needed at a time when peak oil studies were making it clear that the US needs oil from the Middle-east. Naturally taking oil from parts of the US would help reduce that need. The only problem is that scientists and other experts were warning that the amount of oil in these restricted areas would not make a significant contribution to the country’s energy sources. In other words, not only are there environmental risks involved, the reward from drilling is just not going to make much difference.
This “drill baby drill” campaign was so successful that Barack Obama picked up on it and agreed to the new policy changes. Once again, the less educated, sceptical of scientist and educated professional voters won the day and both parties quickly caved in.
This recent accident took place BEFORE drilling has begun on the new unrestricted areas. Now The Wichita Eagle reports that:

“Public testimony at a hearing in New Jersey Tuesday was overwhelmingly against President Barack Obama's plan to allow oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean.
State residents and representatives of environmental groups told federal officials that they feared for the state's already compromised economy and environment. They were joined by a smattering of drilling proponents at one of the first hearings on the issue since an explosion at an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico renewed concerns about offshore drilling.”

How quickly people change their minds when it becomes evident that irrational decisions can have deadly consequences. Oil workers died in Tuesday’s explosion and there is no way of telling how much damage this accident is going to cause when it is finally under control. This is just one drilling operation. The more of these we put in the ocean, the more likely to have more such accidents. Once again, both political parties have taken the popular and easy road to avoid alienating the uneducated voters looking for a quick fix and scoffing at environmental science. -សតិវ អតុ

Sarah Palin Rally Energy Clean Coal,Oil at Shippensberg PA Drill Baby Drill jobs

Sarah Palin Drill Baby Drill!

Ann Coulter Insults Judaism

Joint May Day statement

1er Mai Internationaliste !De la révolte ouvrière à la révolution prolétarienne !

La crise du système capitaliste-impérialiste se poursuit, aggravant ses conséquences pour le prolétariat et les masses populaires du monde entier. La bourgeoisie impérialiste de tous les pays profite de la crise pour restructurer le capitalisme à l’échelle mondiale, pour « l’améliorer » dans l’intérêt de sa classe et en fonction de ses profits.Pour les peuples des pays opprimés, cela signifie famine, misère,…Pour les prolétaires des pays impérialistes, cela signifie augmentation du chômage, du coût de la vie, licenciements, fermetures d’usines, précarité…Cette restructuration augmente les contradictions inter-impérialistes pour le contrôle du marché mondial et des zones stratégiques géopolitiques. Cela remet sur le devant de la scène et augmente les risques de guerres inter-impérialistes et réactionnaires dans le monde.Pour les peuples du monde entier cela signifie guerre impérialiste d'agression, invasion, néocolonialisme, bien souvent sous couvert « d’intervention humanitaire »,…Pour le prolétariat cela signifie Etat policier, fascisme moderne, lois racistes, oppression accrue des femmes et des jeunes,…Pour avancer et se renforcer, le mouvement ouvrier et populaire a besoin d’une organisation révolutionnaire, d’une stratégie révolutionnaire pour renverser la bourgeoisie (et toutes les classes dirigeantes) et conquérir le pouvoir.Tant que le prolétariat et les peuples opprimés ne seront pas au pouvoir, il est illusoire de penser que leur sort pourra s’améliorer !Les luttes ouvrières, et plus largement les luttes populaires (contre tous les aspects de la « globalisation » impérialiste comme la privatisation de l’éducation, pour la régularisation des sans-papiers, contre la répression policière, etc.), se développent en opposition à ce système qui n’a comme perspectives que l’exploitation, l’oppression et la misère pour la majorité de la population. En France, on a pu voir de nombreuses luttes déterminées (Molex, Caterpillar, New Fabris, Continental, Philips, Total, Sodimatex, Téléperformance, …), mais également dans d’autres pays. Dans ces luttes ouvrières, la base (syndiqués et non syndiqués) s’oppose aux directions des grandes centrales syndicales qui sont réformistes et conciliatrices.Ces luttes doivent se cordonner, généraliser et s’élever dans le cadre d’une perspective révolutionnaire du renversement des gouvernements réactionnaires et des Etats de la bourgeoisie par la prise du pouvoir par le prolétariat, avec le soutien des masses populaires.Cela ne se fera pas spontanément. C’est pourquoi nous devons construire dans tous les pays les outils révolutionnaires, des partis communistes de type nouveau, fondés sur la théorie révolutionnaire marxiste-léniniste-maoïste, synthèse de l’expérience historique du mouvement communiste. Ce parti, c’est le Parti Communiste maoïste.Aujourd’hui, le Parti Communiste maoïste a l'objectif d’avancer dans sa construction dans le feu de la lutte en lien étroit avec les masses. L’objectif est clair : pour la révolution socialiste ou de nouvelle démocratie avec la stratégie de la Guerre Populaire qui culmine avec la prise du pouvoir, adaptée à chaque pays selon ses conditions ; pour la construction d’une société nouvelle, sans crise, sans exploitation, sans oppression, sans pauvreté ! C'est-à-dire le socialisme en direction du communisme, société sans classe.Le renforcement des Partis Communistes maoïstes où ils existent et leur construction là où ils n’existent pas est l’affaire de tous les prolétaires, de tous ceux qui se battent sur les différents fronts de lutte et qui veulent se donner les moyens de renverser le système !

Soutenir la Guerre Populaire en Inde !Soutenir la révolution au Népal !
La Guerre Populaire connait un nouveau développement au Pérou, sous la direction du Parti Communiste du Pérou, et se poursuit aux Philippines, en Turquie et particulièrement en Asie.En Inde, la Guerre Populaire dirigée par le Parti Communiste d’Inde – maoïste progresse, ripostant au gouvernement qui a récemment déclaré illégal le PCI-maoïste et qui a lancé une grande opération militaire, l’opération « Green Hunt », contre les révolutionnaires et les masses populaires. Mais le peuple en armes résiste vaillamment et obtient un soutien encore plus grand à travers tout le pays. Notre tâche est de mettre en pratique l’internationalisme prolétarien, de faire connaître cette lutte et de la soutenir.Au Népal, la situation évolue de plus en plus vers l’affrontement entre le camp révolutionnaire (dirigé par le Parti Communiste du Népal Unifié – maoïste) et le camp réactionnaire. Après 10 années de Guerre Populaire et 4 années de processus de paix, le pays est au bord d’un nouveau conflit décisif. Qui gagnera ce conflit déterminera si le camp du peuple ou le camp de la bourgeoisie dirigera le pays. Il y a également un risque d’intervention extérieure de la part de l’Inde, soutenue par les USA. Nous devons soutenir la révolution au Népal car elle s’oppose à l’impérialisme.Vive le 1er Mai internationaliste !Vive l'internationalisme prolétarien !Renforçons la construction des Partis Communistes maoïstes !Vive l'union des luttes du prolétariat et des peuples opprimés contre l'impérialisme en crise !Pour la nouvelle unité du mouvement communiste, fondée sur le marxisme-léninisme-maoïsme !-----------------------------

Internationalist Mayday !
From the Workers and Proletarian Uprising to the Proletarian Revolution !
The crisis of the imperialist system goes on with is impact on the proletarians and the masses throughout the world. The imperialist bourgeoisies in the world take advantage of the crisis to restructure the capitalism on a world scale, to "improve" in the interest of their classes for their profits. For the oppressed people: hunger and poverty; for the proletarians in the imperialist countries, increasing unemployment, cost of living, sackings, closing factories, precariousness. This also feeds the inter-imperialist contradictions for the control on the world market and the strategic geo-political regions. This raises and pushes the factors of the inter-imperialistic and reactionary wars in the world. For the people in the world, imperialist wars of aggression, invasions, neo-colonialism. For the proletarians, police State, modern fascism, racist laws, oppression of youth and women. The working class and oppressed peoples need more and more revolutionary organizations to advance and strengthen itself and a revolutionary strategy to overthrow the bourgeoisie (and all ruling classes) and seize the power. Until the proletarian and oppressed will not be in power, it is an illusion to think that its destiny can get better! The workers struggles and more generally the struggles of the people - against all aspects of imperialist 'globalization' as the privatizations of the education, for the regularization of the migrants, against the police repression, etc. - develop in opposition to this system that does not give to the majority of the people any perspective but exploitation, oppression and poverty. In France we could see several resolute struggles as well as in other countries. In these workers' struggles, the base (affiliated to union or not) is opposed to the officials unions' chiefs, which are reformist and conciliatory. These struggles must be coordinated, generalized and raised in the framework of a revolutionary perspective of overthrowing the reactionary governments and bourgeois States for the proletarian seizure of the power. This will not occur spontaneously. We must build in all countries the revolutionary tools, the new party of the working class, the new type communist party, the Maoist Communist Party, based on the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist-Maoist theory and the summing up of the historic experience of the communist movement !Today the Maoist Communist Party has the goal to advance in its construction in the fire of the class struggle, closely linked to the masses, for the socialist or new democratic revolution, with the strategy of the people's war reaching its peak with the seizure of power, in accordance with the conditions of each country, to build a new society, without crisis, exploitation, oppression, poverty, to advance to socialism, toward the class less communist society.To strengthen the Maoist Communist Parties, where they exist, and to build them, where they do not, is the task of all the proletarians, all those are struggling in the different fronts and want to give themselves the tools to overthrow the system.
Support the people's war in India, support the revolution in Nepal!

The people's war in Peru experiences a new advance under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru and goes on in the Philippines, Turkey and, particularly, in Asia.In India, the people's war led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) progresses fighting back against the government ban and the massive military offensive against the revolutionaries and the masses of India, the operation called "Green Hunt". But the armed people effectively resist and gain an even larger support throughout the country.Our task is to practice proletarian internationalism, support this struggle and make it known.In Nepal the situation evolves more and more toward the clash between the revolutionary camp, led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), and the reactionary camp.After a 10-years-long people's war and 4 years of peace process the country is at the border of a new decisive clash. Who will lead the country, whether the bourgeois or the people's camp, depends on who will win this conflict. At the same time, there is the danger of a foreign intervention of the India supported by US. We must support the revolution in Nepal because it opposes the imperialism. Long Live the Internationalist Mayday !Long Live the Proletarian Internationalism !Let's Strenghten the construction of Maoist Communist Parties !Long Live the Unity of Struggle of the Proletarians and the Oppressed People against Imperialism in Crisis !For a New Unity of the International Communist Movement based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism !

¡1º de Mayo Internacionalista!¡Avanzar de la rebelión obrera hacia la revolución proletaria!
La crísis del sistema capitalista-imperialista continúa y se agravan las consecuencias para el proletariado y las masas populares del mundo entero.
La burguesía imperialista de todos los países se aprovecha de la crísis para reestructurar el capitalismo a nivel mundial, para ‘mejorarlo’ en función de sus intereses de clase y en función de sus ganancias.
Para los pueblos de los países oprimidos, esto significa hambruna, miseria,...
Para los proletarios de los países imperialistas, esto significa aumentación de la cesantía, del costo de la vida, de los despidos, de los cierre de fábricas, de la precariedad...
Esta reestructuración provoca la aumentación de las contradicciones interimperialistas que buscan controlar el mercado mundial y las zonas estratégicas geopolíticas. Esto anuncia el acontecimiento de guerras interimperialistas y de guerras reaccionarias en el mundo.
Para los pueblos del mundo esto significa guerra imperialista de agresión, de invasión, de neocolonialismo, que se esconde bajo el nombre de ‘intervención humanitaria’,...
Para el proletariado, esto significa Estado policiáco, facismo moderno, leyes racistas, aumentación de la opresión de las mujeres y de los jóvenes,...
Hay que avanzar, hay que reforzar. El movimiento obrero y popular necesita de una organización revolucionaria, de una estrategia revolucionaria para tumbar a la burguesía (y todas las clases dirigentes) y conquistar el poder.
¡Mientras el proletariado no tome el poder, es una ilusión creer que su futuro cambiará!
Las luchas obreras y sobre todo las luchas populares (que combaten todos los aspectos de la ‘globalización’ imperialista tales la privatización de la educación, por la legalización de los inmigrantes clandestinos, contra la represión policiáca, etc.) se desarrollan en oposición a este sistema qui tiene como única perspectiva la explotación, la opresión y la miseria para la mayoría de la populación. En Francia hemos visto luchas determinantes que se han desarrollado y en otros países también. En estas luchas obreras, la base (sindicalizada y no sindicalizada) se opone a las direcciones de las centrales sindicales que son reformistas y conciliadoras. El cuadro de estas luchas debe ser coordinado, generalizado y acrecentar la perspectiva revolucionaria que busquen tumbar los gobiernos reaccionarios y los Estados de la burguesía para que el proletariado tome el poder con el sotén de las masas populares.
Esto no se puede realizar de forma espontánea, por eso necesitamos fabricar las herramientas revolucionarias en todos los países; los partidos comunistas de nuevo tipo, basados en la teoría revolucionaria marxista-leninista-maoísta, síntesis de la experiencia histórica del movimiento comunista. Este partido es el Partido Comunista maoísta.
Hoy, el objetivo del Partido Comunista maoísta es avanzar en su construcción entre el fuego de la lucha mano a mano con las masas. ¡El objetivo es claro: revolución proletaria con estrategia de Guerra Popular y culminar con la toma del poder, adaptada a cada país según sus propias condiciones; construir una nueva sociedad, sin crísis, sin explotación, sin opresión, sin pobreza! Es decir, construir el socialismo con miras hacia el comunismo, una sociedad sin clases.
¡Reforzar los Partidos Comunistas maoístas ahí donde existan y construir ahí donde no existan es un deber de todos los proletarios, de todos aquellos que combaten en los diferentes frentes de lucha y que quieren procurarse los medios para tumbar este sistema!

¡Solidaridad con la Guerra Popular en India! Solidaridad con la revolución en Nepal!

La Guerra Popular se desarrolla de nuevo en Perú bajo la dirección del Partido Comunista del Perú y continúa en las Filipinas, en Turquía y en particular en Asia.
En India, la Guerra Popular que dirige el Partido Comunista de India – maoísta avanza con fuerza al punto que el gobierno declaró ilegal el PCI – maoísta y lanzó una gran operación militar en contra los revolucionarios que denominó ‘Cacería Verde’ en contra los revolucionarios y las masas populares. Más, el pueblo armado resiste valientemente con apoyo creciente a lo largo del país. Nuestra tarea es poner en práctica el Internacionalismo proletario, es dar a conocer esta lucha y solidarizar.
En Nepal, la situación avanza hacia el enfrentamiento entre el campo revolucionario (dirigido por el Partido Comunista del Nepal Unificado – maoísta) y el campo reaccionario. Después de 10 años de Guerra Popular y de 4 años de procesos de paz, el país está al borde de un nuevo conflicto decisivo. El ganador de este conflicto determinará si el campo del pueblo o el campo de la burguesía va a dirigir el país. El riesgo de intervención extranjera es eminente por parte de India apoyado por los Estados Unidos. Debemos solidarizar con la revolución en Nepal visto que es una lucha anti-imperialista.
¡Viva el 1º de Mayo internacionalista!
¡Viva el internacionalismo proletario!
¡Reforzar la construcción de los Partidos Comunistas maoístas!
¡Viva la unión de las luchas proletarias y de los pueblos oprimidos contra el imperialismo en crísis!
¡Por la nueva unidad del movimiento comunista basada en el maoísmo!


1°maggio internazionalista !dalle rivolte operaie alla rivoluzione proletaria !
La crisi del sistema capitalista imperialista prosegue nelle sue conseguenze per il proletariato e le masse popolari del mondo intero. Le borghesie imperialiste di tutto il mondo approfittano della crisi per ristrutturare il capitalismo su scala mondiale, per “migliorarlo” nell'interesse della propria classe in funzione dei loro profitti.Per i popoli dei paesi oppressi questo significa fame e miseria, per i proletari dei paesi imperialisti aumento della disoccupazione, aumento del costo della vita, licenziamenti, chiusure delle fabbriche, precarietà...Questo alimenta le contraddizioni interimperialiste per il controllo del mercato mondiale e delle zone strategiche geopolitiche. Questo rilancia e spinge verso i fattori di guerre interimperialiste e reazionarie nel mondo.Per i popoli del mondo guerre imperialiste d'aggressione,invasioni, neocolonialismo,che si nasconde sotto il nome di “interventi umanitari”Per il proletariato questo significastato poliziesco, moderno fascismo, leggi razziste, aumento dell'oppressione delle donne e dei giovani.Sempre più per avanzare e rafforzarsi il movimento operaio e popolare ha bisogno di un'organizzazione rivoluzionaria e di una strategia rivoluzionaria per rovesciare la borghesia (e tutte le classi dominanti) e conquistare il potere.Finchè il proletariato non sarà al potere, è illusorio pensare che la sua sorte possa migliorare!Le lotte operaie e più largamente le lotte popolari (contro ogni aspetto della “globalizzazione” imperialista come contro la privatizzazione della scuola, per la regolarizzazione degli immigrati, contro la repressione poliziesca, ecc.) si sviluppano in opposizione a questo sistema che non ha come prospettiva che lo sfruttamento, l'oppressione e la miseria per la maggioranza della popolazione.In Francia abbiamo visto lo sviluppo di lotte determinate , così come in altri paesi. In queste lotte operaie la base operaia sindacalizzata o non sindacalizzata si oppone alle direzioni delle centrali sindacali riformiste e conciliatorieQueste lotte devono coordinarsi, generalizzarsi ed elevarsi nel quadro di una prospettiva rivoluzionaria di rovesciamento dei governi reazionari e degli Stati della borghesia per la presa del potere del proletariato con il sostegno delle masse popolariCiò non avverrà spontaneamente. Per questo noi dobbiamo costruire in tutti i paesi gli strumenti rivoluzionari in tutti i paesi, i partiti comunisti di nuovo tipo,basati sulla teoria rivoluzionaria marxista-leninista-maoista e sul bilancio dell'esperienza storica del movimento comunista. Questo Partito è il Partito Comunista maoista!Oggi il Partito Comunista maoista ha l'obiettivo di avanzare nella sua costruzione nel fuoco della lotta di classe in stretto legame con le masse, per la rivoluzione proletaria, con la strategia della guerra popolare che culmini con lapresa del potere, adatta a ciascun paese secondo sue condizioni, per la costruzione di una società nuova, senza crisi, senza sfruttamento, senza oppressione, senza povertà, il socialismo, in direzione del comunismo società senza classi. Il rafforzamento dei Partiti Comunisti maoisti, dove esistono, e la loro costruzione, là dove non esistono, è compito di tutti i proletari, di tutti coloro che si battono sui differenti fronti di lotta e che vogliono darsi i mezzi per rovesciare il sistema.

Sostenere la guerra popolare in India, sostenere la rivoluzione in Nepal !

La Guerra popolare conosce un nuovo avanzamento in Perù sotto la direzione del Partito Comunista del Perù e prosegue nelle Filippine, Turchia e particolarmente in Asia.In India, la Guerra Popolare diretta dal Partito Comunista dell'India Maoista progredisce talmente che il governo ha recentemente bandito il PCImaoista e lanciato una grande operazione militare contro i rivoluzionari e le masse indiane, l'operazione “Green Hunt” - caccia verde. Ma il popolo in armi resiste validamente e ottiene un sostegno ancora più grande in tutto il paese.Il nostro compito è di mettere in pratica l'internazionalismo proletario, di far conoscere questa lotta e sostenerla.In Nepal la situazione evolve sempre più verso lo scontro tra il campo rivoluzionario (diretto dal Partito Comunista del Nepal Unificato maoista) e il campo reazionario.Dopo 10 anni di guerra popolare e 4 anni di processo di pace il paese è ai limiti di un nuovo conflitto decisivo. Chi vincerà questo conflitto determinerà se sarà il campo del popolo o il campo della borghesia a dirigere il paese.Vi è ugualmente il rischio di intervento straniero da parte dell'India sostenuta dagli USA.Noi dobbiamo sostenere la rivoluzione in Nepal perchè essa si oppone all'imperialismo.Viva il 1° Maggio internazionalista! Viva l'internazionalismo proletario!Rafforziamo la costruzione dei Partiti Comunisti maoisti!Viva l'unione di lotta del proletariato e dei popoli oppressi contro l'imperialismo in crisi!Per una nuova unità del movimento comunista internazionale fondata sul marxismo-leninismo-maoismo!PCmaoista Italia -PCmaoiste Francia-PCmaoist Turchia/ NordKurdistan- PCRevoluzionario Canadà, PCdell'India (ml)-Naxalbari --------------------

اول ماه مه انترناسیونالیستی!
از شورش کارگری تا انقلاب پرولتری!
ادامه بحران نظام سرمایه داری- امپریالیستی، پی آمدهای آن را برای کارگران و توده های مردمی در سراسر دنیا وخیم تر کرده است. بورژوازی امپریالیستی همه کشورها از بحران برای تجدید ساختار سرمایه در مقیاس جهانی و "بهبود" آن در خدمت منافع طبقاتی و سود خود، استفاده می کند. این برای مردم کشورهای تحت سلطه به معنای گرسنگی و فقر و برای پرولتاریای کشورهای امپریالیستی به مثابه رشد بیکاری، گرانی، اخراج، تعطیل کارخانه ها، نابسامانی و...، است.
این تجدید ساختار، تضادها درمیان امپریالیست ها را برای کنترل بازار جهانی و مناطق استراژیکِ ژئوپلتیک افزایش می دهد. این وضعیت ریسک جنگ میان امپریالیست ها و ارتجاع در جهان را شدت می بخشد.
برای خلق های جهان، این یعنی جنگ تجاوزگرانه امپریالیستی، اشغال، نئوکلونیالیسم است که اغلب در پوشش "دخالت انسان دوستانه"، انجام می شود.
برای پرولتاریا این به معنای حکومت پلیسی، فاشیسم مدرن، قوانین نژاد پرستانه، سرکوب شدید زنان و جوانان و ...، است.
جنبش کارگری و جنبش خلقی برای ادامه و تقویت خود نیاز به یک سازمان انقلابی، یک استراتژی انقلابی جهت سرنگونی بورژوازی(همه طبقات حاکم) و کسب قدرت سیاسی، دارد.
تا زمانی که پرولتاریا به قدرت نرسیده، خیال پردازی است چنانچه تصور شود که وضع آن می تواند بهبود یابد!
مبارزات کارگری و بطور کلی مبارزات مردمی (علیه همه جوانب جهانی سازی امپریالیستی از قبیل خصوصی سازی تعلیم و تربیت، برای قانونی کردن مهاجران غیر قانونی، علیه سرکوب پلیسی و غیره) علیه سیستمی که دورنمایی جز استثمار، سرکوب و فقر برای اکثریت مردم ندارد، تکامل می یابد. در فرانسه، می توان مبارزات مصممانه بیشماری را مشاهده کرد، همچنین در دیگر کشورها این مبارزات جریان دارد. در این مبارزات کارگری، توده ها در سندیکاها و بیرون آن ها، علیه رهبری مراکز سندیکاهای بزرگ که رفرمیست و سازشکار هستند، به مخالفت بر خاسته اند.
این مبارزات باید در کادر یک دورنمای انقلابی برای سرنگونی حکومت های ارتجاعی و دولت های بورژوازی، از طریق کسب قدرت سیاسی توسط پرولتاریا با حمایت توده های مردمی سازماندهی شده، تعمیم یافته و رشد کنند.
این اما، بطور خود جوش انجام نمی شود. باین دلیل است که ما باید در تمام کشورها ابزار انقلاب، احزاب کمونیست طراز نوین را بر اساس تئوری انقلابی مارکسیست- لنینیست- مائوئیست، چکیده تجربیات تاریخی جنبش کمونیستی، ایجاد کنیم. این حزب، حزب کمونیست مائوئیست است.
امروز حزب کمونیست مائوئیست این هدف را دنبال می کند که خود را در آتش مبارزه، درارتباط تنگاتنگ با توده ها، بسازد. هدف روشن است : برای انقلاب پرولتری یا دموکراسی نوین از طریق استراتژی جنگ خلق که با قیام منطبق بر شرایط هر کشور، به اوج خود می رسد، جامعه نوین خالی از بحران، بدون استثمار، سرکوب و فقر ایجاد می شود! یعنی سوسیالیسم در جهت کمونیسم، جامعه بی طبقه.
تقویت احزاب کمونیست مائوئیست موجود و ایجاد آن ها در کشورهایی که وجود ندارند
وظیفه پرولترها و همه کسانی است که در جبهه های مختلف مبارزه، پیکارمی کنند و می خواستار ابزاری برای سرنگون ساختن نظام هستند!
از جنگ خلق در هند حمایت کنیم! از انقلاب در نپال پشتیبانی نمائیم!
جنگ خلق در پرو به رهبری حزب کمونیست پرو، مرحله جدیدی را آغاز کرده و در فلیپین، در ترکیه و بویژه در آسیا، نیز جریان دارد.
در هند، جنگ خلق به رهبری حزب کمونیست هند- مائوئیست، در حال رشد است و اقدام به ضد حمله علیه دولت که اخیراً حزب کمونیست هند - مائوئیست را غیر قانونی اعلام نموده و تحت عنوان عملیات "Green Hunt"،یورش نظامی وسیعی علیه انقلابیون و توده های مردم آغاز کرده است، می باشد. اما، خلق مسلح دلیرانه مقاومت می کند و حمایت بازهم بیشتری در میان همه کشورها بدست آورده است. وظیفه ما بکار گیری عملی انترناسیونالیسم پرولتری، تبلیغ این نبرد و حمایت از آن است.
در نپال، شرایط بیشتر و بیشتر به سوی یک درگیری بین کمپ انقلابی(به رهبری حزب کمونیست نپال متحد- مائوئیست) و کمپ ارتجاعی تکامل می یابد. پس از 10 سال جنگ خلق و 4 سال روند صلح، کشور در آستانه یک نبرد جدید سرنوشت ساز قرار گرفته است. پیروزی هرکدام، در این نبرد تعیین می کند که کمپ خلق یا کمپ بورژوازی کشور را رهبری خواهد کرد. در عین حال امکان دخالت خارجی از طرف هند که توسط ایالات متحده امریکا حمایت می شود، وجود دارد. ما باید از انقلاب نپال حمایت کنیم زیرا علیه امپریالیسم است.
زنده باد اول ماه مه انترناسیونالیستی!
زنده باد انترناسیونالیسم پرولتری!
ایجاد احزاب کمونیست مائوئیست را تقویت کنیم!
زنده باد اتحاد مبارزه جویانه پرولتاریا و خلق های ستمدیده علیه امپریالیسم در بحران!
برای اتحاد نوین جنبش کمونیستی بر پایه مارکسیسم- لنینیسم- مائوئیسم!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Day poster supports the Revolution in Nepal

The Kasama Project has released May Day posters, in English and Spanish that promotes and explains the present revolutionary situation in Nepal.

May First leaflet Color (English) (Spanish)
May First Leaflet Black-and-White (English) (Spanish)

May Day events in Wichita

On May Day:

In Honor of Vicki Starr, who died November 26, 2009 at the age of 93, there will be a showing of the documentary film


A Film about Vicki and Two Other Women Who Organized
The United Packinghouse Workers Union of the 1930's and 40's
In Chicago.

Time and place:
Sat. May 1, 2010
Peace Center
1407 N. Topeka
6:00 p.m. potluck, followed by the showing of the film.

This film was nominated for an Academy Award in 1978; it won a blue-ribbon award from the American Film Festival

Vicky Starr was a long-time member of the Democratic Socialist of America, and helped to organize clerical workers at the University of Chicago in the 1960's and 70's under the Brotherhood of Teamsters. She was an honoree of the Debs-Thomas-Harrington Dinner and a speaker for the Wichita State University Forum Board in the 1980"s. Vicki was active in socialist, peace, women’s and labor movements.

Brought to you by:
Molly’s Brigade, Peace & War Group – WSU;
The Peace & Social Justice Center - Wichita

Historical May Day Posters

Since May Day has been a workers holiday since the 1886 Haymarket affair. The celebration by people of the left continues today. Here are some historical posters of May Day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Tea Party and Bill Ayers

Tea Party members are protesting speeches by Bill Ayers. If we can believe them, he is a good friend of the president, He's an avowed communist and he should be kept from speaking because "We don't like all this government take over." That darn freedom of speech will cost us our freedom---I guess?

Arizona promoting xenophobia and racism

Why is it that this country has to have minority scapegoats? If they can’t use Afro-Americans they can go after gays and when conservatives can’t get enough out of blaming gay people, they go after illegal immigrants. Yes, we have laws that prevent foreign people from coming here and taking all of our jobs. But in Most of Latin America, jobs or good paying jobs are hard to come by.
Does it really make sense to vilify people who want a decent job? They are desperate. Our government does plenty to keep them out, but nothing to encourage a better living for them in their own countries. Our country has a lot of influence in all of Latin America and yet we pretty much encourage keeping the Latinos south of the border poor and desperate.
What makes a human being more valuable because he or she was born within our borders? Does “God bless America” translate into “God damn everyone else?”

According to The Wichita Eagle:

Furor grows over Arizona's illegal immigration law


The furor over Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants grew Monday as opponents used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol, civil rights leaders demanded a boycott of the state, and the Obama administration weighed a possible legal challenge.
Activists are planning a challenge of their own, hoping to block the law from taking effect by arguing that it encroaches on the federal government's authority to regulate immigration and violates people's constitutional rights by giving police too much power.
The measure - set to take effect in late July or early August - would make it a crime under state law to be in the U.S. illegally. It directs state and local police to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are illegal.”

For the rest click here.
In this photo taken Thursday, April 22, 2010, Customs and Border Patrol agents line the international border in Nogales, Ariz. With the passage of Immigration bill SB1070 Friday, it is now a crime under state law to be in the country illegally, and requires local law enforcement to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

America Drinks and Goes Home - The Mothers of Invention

To fully understand this song, and the cultural period it is satirizing, it is best to rent a Danny Kay movie or watch Danny ThomasMake Room for Daddy or I Love Lucy reruns. In the Lucy show, Lucille Ball is married to Desi Arnaz a night club singer, similar to the other two listed in this article. This is about the sound of the late 1940s and early 1950s.
-史蒂夫 奥托

Saturday, April 24, 2010

News from Brazil

Brazilian Peasants Lead Protest against Operation Green Hunt

April 24, 2010

By Ka Frank

The demonstration occurred on April 19th, 2010 in front of the Indian Embassy in Brasilia, and was organized by LCP-Liga dos Camponeses Pobres (League of Poor Peasants).
It was also attended by representatives of : CEBRASPO Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade com os Povos (Brazilian Center of People’s Solidarity), Liga Operária (Workers League), ILPS Brasil (International League of People Struggle), ABRAPO-Associação Brasileira de Advogados do Povo (Brazilian Lawyers Association for the People), MEPR – Movimento Estudantil Popular Revolucionário (Popular Revolutionary Student Movement), MFP- Movimento Feminino Popular (Women’s Popular Movement) and Frente Revolucionária de Defesa dos Direitos do Povo (Revolutionary Front for the Defence of Peoples Rights).

Down with Green Hunt - Peasants demonstration in Brazil


This is a Google translation:

April 22, 2010

Capivari--The area is located 190 km from there around the park Ariquemes state Guajará Mirim and BR 421. For over five years is occupied by more than 50 families who produce their livelihood and also sell rice, beans, coffee, banana, cocoa and other crops. Before the families occupying this area of over 2,500 hectares (about 1030 acres), there was only forest and capoeirão and a gentleman named Agripino Anderson Angels rarely appeared there except to remove wood is telling owner of the site. In 2006 the national agrarian ombudsman Gercino da Silva Filho Buritis been in audience at the forum and this city has promised that there would be no eviction of these families it was an area of land conflicts and that the lands were of the union. However now the judge in March agrarian Porto Velho Theodoro Naujorks Adolfo Neto won their case to Agripino and ordered the withdrawal of families for days until May 15 this year, though a map to INCRA the year 2004, have proven that the earth is marriage. The region of Buritis have a history of massacre of peasants by the plantation but also of resistance. Capivari families are not willing to be expelled, seeing her possessions being burned and losing their only means of livelihood that is earth. after all as the old saying goes "you know how it starts a fight but not how it will end."



The original posting:


22 de Abril de 2010

A área Capivari está localizada há 190 km de Ariquemes no entorno do parque estadual Guajará Mirim e a BR 421. Há mais de 5 anos está ocupada por mais de 50 famílias que produzem seu sustento e também comercializam arroz, feijão, café, banana, cacau e outros cultivos.
Antes das famílias ocuparem esta área de mais de 2.500 hectares(cerca de 1030 alqueires), existia apenas mata e capoeirão e um senhor chamado Agripino Azevedo Anjos que raramente aparecia ali a não ser para retirar madeira se dizendo dono do local.
Em 2006 o ouvidor agrário nacional Gercino da Silva Filho esteve em Buritis e em audiencia no forum desta cidade prometeu que não haveria despejo destas famílias pois era uma área de conflito ágrario e que as terras eram da união. Entretanto agora em março o juiz agrário de Porto Velho Adolfo Theodoro Naujorks Neto deu ganho de causa a Agripino e determinou a retirada das famílias para até dia 15 de maio deste ano, apesar de que um mapa do próprio INCRA do ano de 2004, ter comprovado que a terra é da união.
A região de Buritis têm um histórico de massacre de camponeses pelo latifundio mas também de resistência. As famílias do Capivari não estão dispostas a serem expulsas,ver seus pertences serem queimados e perderem seu único meio de sustento que é a terra. afinal como diz o velho ditado popular "sabe-se como começa uma briga mas não como ela vai terminar".



Friday, April 23, 2010

Defend health care workers arrested in Afghanistan and the Philippines


Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) - Italy

Solidarity with the health workers arrested on Saturday 10 April at the surgical centre of Emergency at Lashkar-gah, in Afghanistan! Solidarity with the 43 health workers of Karapatan illegally arrested on February 6, 2010 and detained in Camp Gen. Mateo Capinpin in Morong, Rizal, the Philippines!

Saturday, 10th April health workers of Emergency were arrested in Afghanistan, as the Statement of the National Party of CARC below enclosed says. Emergency is an independent and neutral Italian association that works in 15 states of the world. It offers free and high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty. It promotes a culture of solidarity, peace and respect for human rights. Two months ago, in the Philippines, 43 health workers of the organization Karapatan were arrested at Morong, they were tortured and are still in captivity at a military camp. They are accused of being linked to the resistance against the regime of Gloria Maria Arroyo, that is to the people's war that the Communist Party of the Philippines has lead against various dictators in the decades that have ruled the country for the last decades, imposing misery, war, environmental devastation, serving the US imperialists. The cases of health workers of Emergency and of the health workers of Karatapan are in many ways identical. In both cases there are:

* puppet states that exploit and attack the people and the land for the
benefit of foreign imperialists, particularly U.S. ones,

* popular movements of resistance facing the attack,

* organizations persecuted and attacked with false accusations that, in this case, work to defend health and physical integrity of the victims of war.

The imperialist bourgeoisie is carrying out all over the world a war of
extermination against the masses, undeclared or open, in the imperialist
countries and oppressed and semi-colonial countries. The capitalist system can survive only at the cost of inflicting unprecedented suffering on humanity.

The fourth Thesis of the 2nd Congress of CARC Party says: "The crisis has nourished and nourishes this war of extermination against the masses in
every corner of the world: it is a war that causes every year tens of
millions of deaths from hunger, misery, exploitation, wars, diseases,
depression, environmental pollution, accidents, traffic accidents,
predictable and containable catastrophic natural events such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. Moreover, in its desperate search for profit the bourgeoisie is poisoning and destroying the planet and endangering the basic conditions for the existence of mankind. No war in human history has ever done so many victims as many this war of
extermination kills each year."

The bourgeoisie does not want witnesses of the extermination it carrying
out, that is why it attacked, persecutes, tortures and kills everyone who
could be a witness. In our country it denies the right to information, as
the Statement of the National Party of CARC says. It denies as well the
right and the duty that doctors have to ensure the health and physical
integrity of the population.

This is undoubtedly a sign that the domination of the imperialist
bourgeoisie has become openly contrary to the most elementary principles of humanity. This will become increasingly evident over the coming months, with the advance of the terminal phase of the general crisis of capitalism, which began in autumn 2008.

In Afghanistan and in the Philippines we see that war and repression are not able to destroy the resistance of the masses to imperialist bourgeoisie's barbarity. We see that the masses are able to organize themselves to defend their rights without and even against the imperialist bourgeoisie. We see the masses organizing themselves and facing the military aggression that is not able to defeat them.

Organizations like Karatapan are an example of the resistance movement of the masses of the Philippines opposing the dictatorial regimes serving U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie. This movement is already aware to fight for
overthrowing the regime, and many people and organizations in this movement are aware that their struggle leads to socialism. This awareness stems from the fact that the resistance movement of the masses in this country is led
by the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Organizations like Emergency are examples of the wide movement of workers and popular organizations that are formed to meet the needs of the masses in Italy (and in this case, abroad) increasingly affected by the advance of the crisis and by the undeclared war of extermination of the imperialist bourgeoisie.
They are identical to those of the Philippines in their aims,
but they have not the same political awareness: they defend the interests of the masses, but are not yet aware that they have the strength and the
capacity to become the country's political leadership, to establish an
emergency government, a People's Bloc government able to meet the problems the advance of the crisis generates more and more heavily. The communist revolutionary movement that is rising today in Italy, which recognizes valid the strategy indicated by the (new) Italian Communist Party, and that is not yet strong enough to put the socialist revolution as an immediate goal, however, can and must encourage these popular and workers organizations to understand that they can and must become the country's political leadership,
that they must increase and must be coordinated for this purpose. They can and must establish a People's Bloc government, the only solution to
The problems of the masses alternative to the emergency government that the subversive bourgeois right is preparing. The People's Bloc government, in its turn, will be the better condition to advance in building the revolution until making Italy a new socialist country.

This is the center of the clash between reactionary revolutionary
mobilization of the popular masses and reactionary mobilization of the
popular masses today in Italy. The statement of the DN of CARC below
enclosed give details on the matter.

We ask to support the Afghan people's resistance against the puppet
government of Karzai serving US imperialists.

We ask to support the revolutionary people's war led by the Communist Party of the Philippines against the regime of Gloria Arroyo Mary serving US imperialists.

We ask to support Emergency and Karatapan.

This support will express and make advance the unification between the
communist movement and the revolutionary movement of the popular masses in the imperialist countries and the communist movement and the movement of the popular masse in oppressed and neocolonial countries.

We invite you to sign the appeal for their release of health workers of
Emergency (

Please send messages of solidarity to health workers of Karatapan to:

International League of People's Struggles
Philippine Chapter
Office Address:

No. 1, Maaralin heart Matatag Street
Brgy. Central, Quezon City 1100, Philippines
Fax: +63 2 4262201
E-mail: ilps.phils @

International Relations Departments of
CARC Party

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) - Italy

13 April 2010

Let's develop the widest mobilization for releasing the health workers of
Emergency kidnapped by Afghan puppet government with the support and the complicity of Berlusconi's gang!

On Saturday 10th April, soldiers of Afghanistan and of the alliance of the
imperialist states that is carrying out a war of aggression for eight years
against the Afghan people, attacked the surgical centre of Emergency at
Lashkar-gah and kidnapped members of the national and international staff.
Among them there are three Italian citizens working in the hospital, Matteo Dell'Aira, Marco Garatti e Matteo Pagani.

Berlusconi's government supports the Afghan government puppet of USA with occupying troops and economic and political aids and participates in a mission of war that sows death and destruction among Afghan population. That mission is illegal (the Constitution forbids our country to participate in any kind of war!), and besides it costs hundreds of millions of euro a year to Italian workers, money that Berlusconi's government never finds for resettling crumbling hospital and schools, for fired workers, etc.

With this terroristic action, the Afghan government and its masters and
godfathers showed which was and is their purpose:

1. to eliminate Emergency from that theatre of operations because it is
a troublesome witness of the massacres and of the criminal and fierce
violence the Afghan and the ISAF troops are doing and are going to increase in the next months. The gang of Berlusconi does the same thing in our country with the troublesome and not aligned journalists,
2. to prevent the victims of bombings and of their terrorist actions
from being cured in a structure that represents the best the popular and
voluntary self-organization can do without the control, the subjection and
the speculation of the various local and international ringleaders of the
bourgeoisie (Emergency hospitals are unanimously recognized as the best in that country).

Emergency and its structures all over the world are a concrete demonstration that another world is possible, that it is possible to organize and manage hospital structures able to give services for the masses without the rules of profit and speculation and a thousand times better than the bourgeoisie, at the same time mobilizing men and women in building and managing what is needed for
a real civil and human society. Emergency is a troublesome
example not only for Afghan popular masses but also for the Italian ones:
the public health is mangled (for the benefit of the private clinics often
run by the Vatican), it is bent to the laws of profit and subjected to the
racist and xenophobic measures of Berlusconi's gang, according to which in these days, in a town in Northern Italy, a migrant child has been sentenced to death: medical care was denied her because she had not the residence permit! This is the "respect of life" about which the Vatican Church and its servants talk so much!

That is why Berlusconi's government, the Minister Frattini, the Minister of War La Russa and all the reactionaries are most bitter enemies of Emergency, while they are friends and supporters of the real terrorists and criminals that are tormenting and terrorizing the Afghan people. They are friends of the ones who speculate and enrich themselves provoking disasters and environmental damages.
They are the real terrorists and war criminals!

To defend and support Emergency is a task and a duty that cannot be
disregarded by any Communist, by any worker, by any true democratic person an by anyone who want prevent racism, obscurantism and reactionary mobilization from spreading!

Let each political exponent, each democratic administrator promote concrete demonstrations of solidarity and denounce of Berlusconi's government, accomplice and supporter of the puppet government installed by US imperialists in Afghanistan. Let's reverse against Berlusconi's gang this umpteenth provocation against Emergency and the movement for the defence of peace and for the development of people's solidarity.

Let's throw out Berlusconi and his gang of criminals! Let's do it in order
to stop the reactionary and anti - popular drift promoted by this government of criminals made of wars of imperialist aggressions, of racism and fascism, of mass dismissals and on-the-job slaughters, of dismantling of public education and health! Let's do it in order to nip in the bud the trials of fascism, to defend and create jobs for everybody, Italian and migrants, to safeguard and improve the environment we live in!

The worker and popular organizations must take in hand the direction of
the country and form an emergency government! Only a People's Bloc government can adopt the measures needed to face the crisis and prevent racism, obscurantism and reactionary mobilization from spreading: in such government Gino Strada, who directs Emergency, could be Minister of Health, instead of being attacked and opposed!
In this way, with a government like this, we can begin to face any problem!
In this way we shall advance in the struggle for free ourselves once and
for all from the Vatican, the masters, the Mafia and the US imperialists, and put again our country on the road of progress and civilization, for making Italy a country in which there will be a place and a dignified role for each man, woman, young and elder person of the popular masses: for making Italy a new socialist country!

e-mail: - website:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It’s the birthday of VI Lenin

It’s the birthday of Влади́мир Ильи́ч Ле́нин. He was a great stategist.

Nepal- tension mounts for a Mayday push

“You must come to Kathmandu with shroud cloth wrapped around your heads and flour in your bags. It will be our last battle. If we succeed, we survive, else it will be the end of our party."
— General Secretary Badal of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

By Jed Brandt

APRIL 21 — There are moments when Kathmandu does not feel like a city on the edge of revolution. People go about all the normal business of life. Venders sell vegetables, nail-clippers and bootleg Bollywood from the dirt, cramping the already crowded streets. Uniformed kids tumble out of schools with neat ties in the hot weather. Municipal police loiter at the intersections while traffic ignores them, their armed counter-parts patrol in platoons through the city with wood-stocked rifles and dust-masks as they have for years. New slogans are painted over the old, almost all in Maoist red. Daily blackouts and dry-season water shortages are the normal daily of Nepal’s primitive infrastructure, not the sign of crisis. Revolutions don’t happen outside of life, like an asteroid from space – but from right up the middle, out of the people themselves.
Passing through Kathmandu’s Trichandra college campus after meeting with students in a nearby media program, I walked into the aftermath of bloody attack. Thugs allied with the Congress party student group had cut up leaders of a rival student group with khukuri knives leaving one in critical condition. Hundreds of technical students were clustered in the street when I arrived by chance. The conflict most often described through the positioning of political leaders is breaking out everywhere.
Indefinite bandhs are paralyzing large parts of the country after the arrest of Young Communist League (YCL) cadre in the isolated far west and Maoist student leaders in Pokhora, the central gateway to the Annapurna mountain range. The southern Terai is in chaos, with several power centers competing and basic security has broken down with banditry, extortion and kidnapping are now endemic. Government ministers cannot appear anywhere without Maoist pickets waving black flags and throwing rocks.
With no central authority, all sides are claiming the ground they stand on and preparing their base. It’s messy, confused and coming to a sharp point as the May 28 deadline for a new constitution draws near with no consensus in sight. The weak government holding court in the Constituent Assembly can’t command a majority, not even of their own parties. Seventy assembly representatives of the status quo UML party signed a letter calling on their own leader to step down from the prime minister’s chair to make way for a Maoist national-unity government. He refuses, repeating demands that the Maoists dissolve their popular organizations and return lands seized by the people who farm them.

For the rest click here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day for now—Venus day in our future?


Of the four inner planets, earth holds an entire ecosystem that goes from deep in the earth to high in the atmosphere. Of the other three, we still don’t know if there is life under the surface of Mars. We know the surface and atmosphere is sterile. That is because there is no liquid water and the thin atmosphere lets in way more ultraviolet and other radiation that sterilizes the surface.
Mercury is a lot like the moon, a large round rock that is so close to the sun it is bombarded with constant heat and radiation that would make life as we know unthinkable. Then there is Venus. At one time, the atmosphere on Venus was believed to b e about 90˚F warmer than earth and the planet had oceans. That may seem hot, but it was not to warm for some type of life to have evolved there. Then the green house affect kicked and the temperature on Venus kept rising, boiling off the oceans and the thick atmosphere, probably similar to earth at that time, leached the carbon into the air raising the temperatures higher. Today the surface on Venus is almost 900˚F, The cloud tops cool down, but are laced with droplets of sulfuric acid and sulfur dioxide.
What’s a little scary about Venus is that it is considered Earth’s twin and it is Earth’s closest planet. It raises a simple question. Is the earth close enough to the sun for such a change to boil its oceans, leach out it carbon and leave this planet lifeless? It may be likely that three of the four inner planets all had life on their surfaces billions of years ago. The life process stopped completely on Venus and if it exist at all on Mars today, it exist as mere remnants of a planet that also had an earth like atmosphere. So can earth end up a desolate bone dry windswept lifeless body as its two closest neighbors? If life did evolve on these three planets, it died out first on Venus and the surface of Mars became lifeless about a billion or two years ago. That means that planets with life may not stay that way indefinitely.
All the idiots who claim global warming is a scam should take a close look at our nearest planetary neighbor. It would take millions of years for the Earth to get hot enough for all the oceans to boil off and the atmosphere to leach out all the carbon. But do we want to ignore the signs that we may be starting something we can’t stop?
Do we want to be responsible for the greatest extinction since the dinosaurs died out? Only a fool would ignore these possibilities and those who do it now are in denial and lazy.
For earth day, take a look at our sister planet and consider the possibilities.






Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nepal- Maoist TV Radio and newspapers

http://www.myrepubl index.php? action=news_ details&news_id=17623

REPUBLICA KATHMANDU, April 18: Maoists have planned to launch their own television channel and a national broadsheet daily to disseminate "correct information" about the party.Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai presented a concept paper in this regard during a training session at party headquarters, Paris Danda on Sunday. Maoists have already formed two committees – editorial led by Dr Bhattarai and managerial by Dinanath Sharma -- to study if launching a television channel would also be viable.
Dr Bhattarai, who heads department, also proposed to uplink the Maoist FM radio Mirmire to satellite.According to a participant of the training session, the party also classified the Maoist publications into three categories -- central, regional and local. "While the central publications will be directly monitored by the party's top body, the regional and local publications will be handled by the corresponding committees," he said.He said the party took the decision as various publication houses have been found collecting advertisements in the name of the party and the party expects the new move would discourage the trend.The meeting has categorized Janadisha daily, Janadesh weekly, Red Star fortnightly and Samsleshan monthly as central publications under the direct monitoring of the party."Perhaps the tabloid-sized Janadisha daily will be converted into a broadsheet daily and Janadisha weekly into a magazine," he said. The party took the move to manage its media and make the dissemination of information and views effective.
Journalists train Maoist leaders on handling mediaJournalists Prashanta Jha, Tirtha Koirala, Raghu Mainali, Krishna Jwala Devkota and Narayan Sharma had trained the leaders on how to handle media effect effectively. Jha had spoken on how to effectively disseminate information in the international arena, Koirala on the relationship between leaders and media houses, Mainali on professionalism and management and Devkota on advocating the rights of the proletariat.Solutions from streetsSpeaking at the training session, Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal directed the revolutionary journalists to ask people to hit the streets for the promulgation of the people's constitution."This month, just ahead of constitution- drafting, is crucial for Nepali people. So you have to ask people to hit the streets," a participant quoted Dahal as saying.Dahal presented two possible scenarios amidst the looming crisis: "They will either dissolve the Constituent Assembly and enforce a presidential rule, or ask us for the CA deadline. But the constitution will be not promulgated as they just want to adopt the 1990 constitution and we will not agree. So there is no alternative to hitting the streets," Dahal said. He argued that the constitution would be drafted only if the people took to the streets.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crimes Are Crimes - No Matter Who Does Them

From The World Can't Wait

In the past few weeks, it has become common knowledge that Barack Obama has openly ordered the assassination of an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, because he is suspected of participating in plots by Al Qaeda. Al-Awlaki denies these charges. No matter. Without trial or other judicial proceeding, the administration has simply put him on the to-be-killed list.During this same period, a video leaked by whistleblowers in the military showing U.S. troops firing on an unarmed party of Iraqis in 2007, including two journalists, and then firing on those who attempted to rescue them - including two children - became public. As ugly as this video of the killing of 12 Iraqis was, the chatter recorded from the helicopter cockpit was even more chilling and monstrous. Yet the Pentagon said that there would be no charges against these soldiers; and the media focused on absolving them of blame - "they were under stress," the story went, "and after all our brave men and women must be supported." Meanwhile, those who leaked and publicized the video came under government surveillance and are targeted as "national security" threats.Also during this period, the Pentagon acknowledged, after denials, a massacre near the city of Gardez, Afghanistan, on February 12, 2010, in which 5 people were killed, including two pregnant women, leaving 16 children motherless. The U.S. military first said the two men killed were insurgents, and the women, victims of a family "honor killing." The Afghan government has accepted the eyewitness reports that U.S. Special Forces killed the men, (a police officer and lawyer) and the women, and then dug their own bullets out of the women's bodies to destroy evidence. Top U.S. military officials have now admitted that U.S. soldiers killed the family in their house.Just weeks earlier, a story broken in Harper's by Scott Horton carried news that three supposed suicides of detainees in Guantánamo in 2006 were not actual suicides, but homicides carried out by American personnel. This passed almost without comment.In some respects, this is worse than Bush. First, because Obama has claimed the right to assassinate American citizens whom he suspects of "terrorism," merely on the grounds of his own suspicion or that of the CIA, something Bush never claimed publicly. Second, Obama says that the government can detain you indefinitely, even if you have been exonerated in a trial, and he has publicly floated the idea of "preventive detention." Third, the Obama administration, in expanding the use of unmanned drone attacks, argues that the U.S. has the authority under international law to use such lethal force and extrajudicial killing in sovereign countries with which it is not at war.Such measures by Bush were widely considered by liberals and progressives to be outrages and were roundly, and correctly, protested. But those acts which may have been construed (wishfully or not) as anomalies under the Bush regime, have now been consecrated into "standard operating procedure" by Obama, who claims, as did Bush, executive privilege and state secrecy in defending the crime of aggressive war.Unsurprisingly, the Obama administration has refused to prosecute any members of the Bush regime who are responsible for war crimes, including some who admitted to waterboarding and other forms of torture, thereby making their actions acceptable for him or any future president, Democrat or Republican.We must end the complicity of silence and say loud and clear:The things that were crimes under Bush are crimes under Obama.Outrages under Bush are outrages under Obama.All this MUST STOP.And all this MUST BE RESISTED by anyone who claims a shred of conscience or integrity.
Add your name.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tea Party comes to Wichita – lacks enthusiasm

The Tea Party protest held last Friday were a far cry from the usual numbers for these events. A friend who was there, Tim, said their numbers were much smaller. The Wichita Eagle reported there were hundreds, far fewer than the thousands found at most of these events.
Tim said most of the Tea Party members were older than 65, with very few being under the age of 50. He said they used canned or recorded applauses for the speakers who appeared, similar to the 1950s TV shows. He also said the opposition Coffee Party protesters lacked imagination and held dreary uninspired signs. The entire event, according to him, was depressing and lacked any real enthusiasm on either side. .
“The Tea Party People call themselves patriotic and yet they talk about overthrowing the governments,” Tim said.

According the The Wichita Eagle:

“Waving signs blasting taxes and national health care, several hundred conservatives gathered near Wichita City Hall on Thursday for their annual tax day "tea party" protest.
But unlike last year's event near Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, this time people could pick their party.
A group calling itself the "Coffee Party" counterdemonstrated nearby, saying they wanted to bring civility back to civil discourse.
The tea party rally was one of scores of tax day rallies from Maine to Hawaii. In Washington, several thousand rallied in the shadow of the Ronald Reagan office building, capping a national protest of the tax system, government spending and the Obama administration.”

Much of Wichita’s Focus was on the recent health care reform. Again, according to The Wichita Eagle:

“The crowd cheered enthusiastically when Rep. Aaron Jack, R-Andover, outlined a resolution he's sponsoring in the state Legislature to force Attorney General Steve Six to have Kansas join a suit by 18 other states challenging the constitutionality of the new federal health law.
Jack pointed out that Six was appointed by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who, as the federal secretary of Health and Human Services, would be a main defendant in the lawsuit.
"It's a gross injustice and a very significant conflict of interest to choose your old boss over the people of Kansas," he said.”

While opposition to the health care reform has been a driving national force, local tax issues have also risen up at these Tea Party rallies. According to The Wichita Eagle:

“While much of the talk was about state and national issues, local government didn't escape the wrath of the tea party.
Sprinkling in references to the WaterWalk and Warren Theatre projects, restaurateur Craig Gabel and lawyer Kenny Estes decried the city's spending millions of dollars in public money to facilitate private development.
"When the owner of a movie theater says, 'I want to build an IMAX but I need help,' what should you say?" Estes asked the crowd.
"No!" the crowd shouted.”

Not every item the Tea Party opposes is wrong. All the above programs have been promoted by the City of Wichita when drastic cuts are being made to the local school budget. Programs such as foreign language and speech tournaments have been cut along with firing teachers, and yet the city thinks it can afford fancy developments, such as The Water Walk development along the downtown and a tax supported improvement to the Warren Theatre. Local entertainment is more important to them than funding education. Not everything the Tea Party members oppose are wrong headed. They need a clear sense of where they are headed and what role government should play in our lives.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eh Bhau By Tank Girl

Open letter by the Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

The following is an open letter from:

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle,

We are students from Gaza representing more than 10 academic institutions therein. Our grandparents are refugees who were expelled from their homes in the 1948 Nakba. They still have their keys locked up in their closets and will pass them on to their children, our parents. Many of us have lost our fathers, some of us have lost our mothers, and some of us lost both in the last Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza.

Others still lost a body part from the flesh-burning white phosphorous that Israel used, and are now permanently physically challenged. Most of us lost our homes, and are now living in tents, as Israel refuses to allow basic construction materials into Gaza. And most of all, we are all still living in what has come to be a festering sore on humanity’s conscience — the brutal, hermetic, medieval siege that Israel is perpetrating against us, the 1.5 million Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.

Many of us have encountered your writing during our university studies. Although your books are not available in Gaza – -because Israel does not allow books, paper and other stationary in — we are familiar with your leftist, feminist, overtly political writing. And most of all, we are aware of your strong stance against apartheid. You admirably supported sanctions against apartheid South Africa and called for resistance against all forms of oppression.

Now, we have heard that you are to receive a prize this spring at Tel Aviv University. We, the students of besieged Gaza, urge you not to go. As our professors, teachers and anti-apartheid comrades used to tell us, there was no negotiation with the brutal racist regime ofSouth Africa. Nor was there much communication. Just one word: BOYCOTT. You must be aware that Israel was a sister state to the apartheid regime before 1994. Many South African anti-apartheid heroes, including Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have described Israel’s oppression as apartheid. Some describe Israeli settler-colonialism and occupation as surpassing apartheid’s evil. F-16s, F-15s, F-35s, Apache helicopters, Merkava tanks and white phosphorous were not used against black townships.Ms. Atwood, in the Gaza concentration camp, students who have been awarded scholarships to universities abroad are prevented every year from pursuing their hard-earned opportunity for academic achievement. Within the Gaza Strip, those seeking an education are limited by increasing poverty rates and a scarcity of fuel for transportation, both of which are direct results of Israel’s medieval siege. What is Tel Aviv University’s position vis-a-vis this form of illegal collective punishment, described by Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur onPalestinian Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, as a “prelude to genocide?” Not a single word of condemnation has been heard from any Israeli academic institution!

Participating in normal relations with Tel Aviv University is giving tacit approval to its racially exclusive policy towards Palestinian citizens of Israel. We are certain you would hate to support an institution that upholds so faithfully the apartheid system of its state.

Tel Aviv University has a long and well-documented history of collaboration with the Israeli military and intelligence services. This is particularly shameful after Israel’s bloody military assault against the occupied Gaza Strip, which, according to leading international and local human rights organizations, left over 1,440 Palestinians dead and 5,380 injured. We are certain you would hate to support an institution that supports a military apparatus that murdered over 430 children.

By accepting the prize at Tel Aviv University, you will be indirectly giving a slight and inadvertent nod to Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide. This university has refused to commemorate the destroyed Palestinian village on which it was built. That village is called Sheikh Muwanis, and it no longer exists as a result of Israel’s confiscation. Its people have been expelled.

Let us remember the words of Archbishop Desmond Tutu: “If you choose to be neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” As such, we call upon you to say no to neutrality, no to being on the fence, no to normalization with apartheid Israel, not after the blood of more than 400 children has been spilt! No to occupation, repression, settler colonialism, settlement expansion, home demolition, land expropriation and the system of discrimination against the indigenous population of Palestine, and no to the formation of Bantustans in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip!

Just as every citizen knew that she or he had a moral responsibility to boycott apartheid in South Africa after the Sharpeville massacre, Gaza 2009 was the world’s wake-up call. All of Israel’s academic institutions are state-run and state-funded. To partake of any of their prizes or to accept any of their blandishments is to uphold their heinous political actions. Israel has continually violated international law in defiance of the world. It is illegally occupying Palestinian land. It continues its aggression against the Palestinian people. Israel denies Palestinians all of the democratic liberties it so proudly, fictitiously flaunts. Israel is an apartheid regime that denies Palestinian refugees their right of return as sanctioned by UN resolution 194.

Attending the symposium would violate the unanimously-endorsed Palestinian civil society call for boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. This call is also directed towards international activists, artists and academics of conscience, such as you. We are certain that you would love to be a part of the noble struggle against the apartheid, colonization and occupation that the Palestinian people have been subjected to for the past 61 years, a struggle that is ongoing.

Ms. Atwood, we consider you to be what the late Edward Said called an “oppositional intellectual.” As such, and given our veneration of your work, we would be both emotionally and psychologically wounded to see you attend the symposium. You are a great woman of words, of that we have no doubt. But we think you would agree, too, that actions speak louder than words. We all await your decision.

The open letter to Canadian author Margaret Atwood was issued by the Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel on 4 April 2010.