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Friday, April 23, 2010

Defend health care workers arrested in Afghanistan and the Philippines


Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) - Italy

Solidarity with the health workers arrested on Saturday 10 April at the surgical centre of Emergency at Lashkar-gah, in Afghanistan! Solidarity with the 43 health workers of Karapatan illegally arrested on February 6, 2010 and detained in Camp Gen. Mateo Capinpin in Morong, Rizal, the Philippines!

Saturday, 10th April health workers of Emergency were arrested in Afghanistan, as the Statement of the National Party of CARC below enclosed says. Emergency is an independent and neutral Italian association that works in 15 states of the world. It offers free and high quality medical and surgical treatment to the civilian victims of war, landmines and poverty. It promotes a culture of solidarity, peace and respect for human rights. Two months ago, in the Philippines, 43 health workers of the organization Karapatan were arrested at Morong, they were tortured and are still in captivity at a military camp. They are accused of being linked to the resistance against the regime of Gloria Maria Arroyo, that is to the people's war that the Communist Party of the Philippines has lead against various dictators in the decades that have ruled the country for the last decades, imposing misery, war, environmental devastation, serving the US imperialists. The cases of health workers of Emergency and of the health workers of Karatapan are in many ways identical. In both cases there are:

* puppet states that exploit and attack the people and the land for the
benefit of foreign imperialists, particularly U.S. ones,

* popular movements of resistance facing the attack,

* organizations persecuted and attacked with false accusations that, in this case, work to defend health and physical integrity of the victims of war.

The imperialist bourgeoisie is carrying out all over the world a war of
extermination against the masses, undeclared or open, in the imperialist
countries and oppressed and semi-colonial countries. The capitalist system can survive only at the cost of inflicting unprecedented suffering on humanity.

The fourth Thesis of the 2nd Congress of CARC Party says: "The crisis has nourished and nourishes this war of extermination against the masses in
every corner of the world: it is a war that causes every year tens of
millions of deaths from hunger, misery, exploitation, wars, diseases,
depression, environmental pollution, accidents, traffic accidents,
predictable and containable catastrophic natural events such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. Moreover, in its desperate search for profit the bourgeoisie is poisoning and destroying the planet and endangering the basic conditions for the existence of mankind. No war in human history has ever done so many victims as many this war of
extermination kills each year."

The bourgeoisie does not want witnesses of the extermination it carrying
out, that is why it attacked, persecutes, tortures and kills everyone who
could be a witness. In our country it denies the right to information, as
the Statement of the National Party of CARC says. It denies as well the
right and the duty that doctors have to ensure the health and physical
integrity of the population.

This is undoubtedly a sign that the domination of the imperialist
bourgeoisie has become openly contrary to the most elementary principles of humanity. This will become increasingly evident over the coming months, with the advance of the terminal phase of the general crisis of capitalism, which began in autumn 2008.

In Afghanistan and in the Philippines we see that war and repression are not able to destroy the resistance of the masses to imperialist bourgeoisie's barbarity. We see that the masses are able to organize themselves to defend their rights without and even against the imperialist bourgeoisie. We see the masses organizing themselves and facing the military aggression that is not able to defeat them.

Organizations like Karatapan are an example of the resistance movement of the masses of the Philippines opposing the dictatorial regimes serving U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie. This movement is already aware to fight for
overthrowing the regime, and many people and organizations in this movement are aware that their struggle leads to socialism. This awareness stems from the fact that the resistance movement of the masses in this country is led
by the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Organizations like Emergency are examples of the wide movement of workers and popular organizations that are formed to meet the needs of the masses in Italy (and in this case, abroad) increasingly affected by the advance of the crisis and by the undeclared war of extermination of the imperialist bourgeoisie.
They are identical to those of the Philippines in their aims,
but they have not the same political awareness: they defend the interests of the masses, but are not yet aware that they have the strength and the
capacity to become the country's political leadership, to establish an
emergency government, a People's Bloc government able to meet the problems the advance of the crisis generates more and more heavily. The communist revolutionary movement that is rising today in Italy, which recognizes valid the strategy indicated by the (new) Italian Communist Party, and that is not yet strong enough to put the socialist revolution as an immediate goal, however, can and must encourage these popular and workers organizations to understand that they can and must become the country's political leadership,
that they must increase and must be coordinated for this purpose. They can and must establish a People's Bloc government, the only solution to
The problems of the masses alternative to the emergency government that the subversive bourgeois right is preparing. The People's Bloc government, in its turn, will be the better condition to advance in building the revolution until making Italy a new socialist country.

This is the center of the clash between reactionary revolutionary
mobilization of the popular masses and reactionary mobilization of the
popular masses today in Italy. The statement of the DN of CARC below
enclosed give details on the matter.

We ask to support the Afghan people's resistance against the puppet
government of Karzai serving US imperialists.

We ask to support the revolutionary people's war led by the Communist Party of the Philippines against the regime of Gloria Arroyo Mary serving US imperialists.

We ask to support Emergency and Karatapan.

This support will express and make advance the unification between the
communist movement and the revolutionary movement of the popular masses in the imperialist countries and the communist movement and the movement of the popular masse in oppressed and neocolonial countries.

We invite you to sign the appeal for their release of health workers of
Emergency (

Please send messages of solidarity to health workers of Karatapan to:

International League of People's Struggles
Philippine Chapter
Office Address:

No. 1, Maaralin heart Matatag Street
Brgy. Central, Quezon City 1100, Philippines
Fax: +63 2 4262201
E-mail: ilps.phils @

International Relations Departments of
CARC Party

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) - Italy

13 April 2010

Let's develop the widest mobilization for releasing the health workers of
Emergency kidnapped by Afghan puppet government with the support and the complicity of Berlusconi's gang!

On Saturday 10th April, soldiers of Afghanistan and of the alliance of the
imperialist states that is carrying out a war of aggression for eight years
against the Afghan people, attacked the surgical centre of Emergency at
Lashkar-gah and kidnapped members of the national and international staff.
Among them there are three Italian citizens working in the hospital, Matteo Dell'Aira, Marco Garatti e Matteo Pagani.

Berlusconi's government supports the Afghan government puppet of USA with occupying troops and economic and political aids and participates in a mission of war that sows death and destruction among Afghan population. That mission is illegal (the Constitution forbids our country to participate in any kind of war!), and besides it costs hundreds of millions of euro a year to Italian workers, money that Berlusconi's government never finds for resettling crumbling hospital and schools, for fired workers, etc.

With this terroristic action, the Afghan government and its masters and
godfathers showed which was and is their purpose:

1. to eliminate Emergency from that theatre of operations because it is
a troublesome witness of the massacres and of the criminal and fierce
violence the Afghan and the ISAF troops are doing and are going to increase in the next months. The gang of Berlusconi does the same thing in our country with the troublesome and not aligned journalists,
2. to prevent the victims of bombings and of their terrorist actions
from being cured in a structure that represents the best the popular and
voluntary self-organization can do without the control, the subjection and
the speculation of the various local and international ringleaders of the
bourgeoisie (Emergency hospitals are unanimously recognized as the best in that country).

Emergency and its structures all over the world are a concrete demonstration that another world is possible, that it is possible to organize and manage hospital structures able to give services for the masses without the rules of profit and speculation and a thousand times better than the bourgeoisie, at the same time mobilizing men and women in building and managing what is needed for
a real civil and human society. Emergency is a troublesome
example not only for Afghan popular masses but also for the Italian ones:
the public health is mangled (for the benefit of the private clinics often
run by the Vatican), it is bent to the laws of profit and subjected to the
racist and xenophobic measures of Berlusconi's gang, according to which in these days, in a town in Northern Italy, a migrant child has been sentenced to death: medical care was denied her because she had not the residence permit! This is the "respect of life" about which the Vatican Church and its servants talk so much!

That is why Berlusconi's government, the Minister Frattini, the Minister of War La Russa and all the reactionaries are most bitter enemies of Emergency, while they are friends and supporters of the real terrorists and criminals that are tormenting and terrorizing the Afghan people. They are friends of the ones who speculate and enrich themselves provoking disasters and environmental damages.
They are the real terrorists and war criminals!

To defend and support Emergency is a task and a duty that cannot be
disregarded by any Communist, by any worker, by any true democratic person an by anyone who want prevent racism, obscurantism and reactionary mobilization from spreading!

Let each political exponent, each democratic administrator promote concrete demonstrations of solidarity and denounce of Berlusconi's government, accomplice and supporter of the puppet government installed by US imperialists in Afghanistan. Let's reverse against Berlusconi's gang this umpteenth provocation against Emergency and the movement for the defence of peace and for the development of people's solidarity.

Let's throw out Berlusconi and his gang of criminals! Let's do it in order
to stop the reactionary and anti - popular drift promoted by this government of criminals made of wars of imperialist aggressions, of racism and fascism, of mass dismissals and on-the-job slaughters, of dismantling of public education and health! Let's do it in order to nip in the bud the trials of fascism, to defend and create jobs for everybody, Italian and migrants, to safeguard and improve the environment we live in!

The worker and popular organizations must take in hand the direction of
the country and form an emergency government! Only a People's Bloc government can adopt the measures needed to face the crisis and prevent racism, obscurantism and reactionary mobilization from spreading: in such government Gino Strada, who directs Emergency, could be Minister of Health, instead of being attacked and opposed!
In this way, with a government like this, we can begin to face any problem!
In this way we shall advance in the struggle for free ourselves once and
for all from the Vatican, the masters, the Mafia and the US imperialists, and put again our country on the road of progress and civilization, for making Italy a country in which there will be a place and a dignified role for each man, woman, young and elder person of the popular masses: for making Italy a new socialist country!

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