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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Italy --Solidarity declarations to FIOM metal workers

In Italy, so as in many other parts of the world, as in Tunisia, Albania, Egypt in the last days, the popular masses are rallying against the governments who want to threw on their shoulders the burden of this general crisis that undermines the capitalist system and puts again on the agenda the need of socialist revolution. Italian popular masses’ struggle has its peak and lead in the struggle the FIOM [Federation of Metal Employees and Workers] is carrying out. The resistance that FIOM leads can change in attack and win, establishing in Italy an emergency government able to impose in Italy all the measures needed for the masses to face the hardest effects of the crisis. This government will be a step onwards the socialist revolution in Italy, and therefore a step on to realize a task the International Communist Movement still have not realized: to make the revolution in a socialist country.
So, the resistance FIOM leads has historical and international importance. That is why we call for international solidarity to the struggle of FIOM and of the Italian popular masses.
Before the 28 January, we had declarations of full solidarity by:

·         Shalikram Jammarkatel, President of All Nepal Federation of Trade Union
·         Leila Khaled, of Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine Fronte Popolare di Liberazione della Palestina,
·         Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairman of International League of Peoples’ Struggle
·         Vladimir Kapuralin, of Worker Socialist Party of Croatia
·         Yusuf Alkim, General Secretary of Socialist Party of Cyprus,
·         Manik Mukherjee, General Secretary of International Anti-Imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC) and Vice-President of All India Anti-imperialist Forum,
·         E.Thambiah, Int. Dept. of Marxist Leninist Party New Democracy of Sri Lanka,
·         Sir Baz Khan, Progressive Youth Front of Pakistan,
·         Left Radical of Afghanistan,
·         Comité Pérou Movadef France.

Party of the  Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) - Italy
Via Tanaro, 7 - 20128 Milano - Tel/Fax 02.26306454
e-mail: – website:

For the Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France we received a statement of solidarity by Léon Landini, Delegate President, Georges Gastaud, National Secretary, and Daniel Antonini, of the International Department.
Below you may read the messages received.

All Nepal Federation of trade union

January 25, 2011
The Struggling Metal Workers, Italy
Revolutionary Greetings!
I would like to take this opportunity to convey the revolutionary solidarity that our organisation, All Nepal Trade Union Federation has expressed to the metal workers fighting against the anti-worker policies of the Government of Italy.
Dear comrades,
As a result of inherent characteristics of the capitalist mode of production, the collective production and private appropriation, the working class people all over the world have been confronting untold scarcity, poverty and unemployment. A handful of the imperialist marauders and their puppets, the comprador bourgeoisie, have been the ones who are grabbing the assets that the labouring masses have created. Accumulation of capital in the hands of a few bourgeoisies has led to sole monopolization of production and the market. The gap between the rich and poor is widening and the purchasing power of the working class people is diminishing. As a consequence of this, the economic crisis is escalating all across the world. In order to retain their profit the bourgeoisie have thrown the whole burden of the economic crisis over the heads of the working class people by way of pension-cuts and wage-cuts, impoverishing the popular masses further. The workers of the entire world are unrest to overcome this.
As part of this unrest, the Metal Workers in Italy have been waging relentless struggles against the anti-worker policies of the government of Italy since the last year. Without a doubt, this struggle has inspired the working class movement all across the world including ours. Please accept once again our warm greetings and heartfelt solidarity to it.
Dear comrades,
In order to retain their monopoly one of the tools that the bourgeoisie have been using to overwhelm the working class movement till now has been to create fissures within the workers and their trade unions and thereby weaken the working class movement. None must lose sight from such conspiracies on the part of the reactionaries in Italy too rather work hard to unite more who can be united with to foil bourgeoisie moves all over Italy. Furthermore, the working class movement is an internationalist movement. In fact, our strength lies in the clarion call: Workers of all countries, Unite! that the proletarian leaders Karl Marx and Frederick Engels had made in the Communist Manifesto.
Comrade Lenin had pointed out that the economic and trade union struggles are important components of working class movement. However, if such struggles are not linked with the seizure of power by the proletariat it will lead to economism and trade unionism, leading ultimately to reforms in the status quo. No other than socialism and then communism can resolve the problems, which the working class people are suffering from, all across the world. Failure after failure of the imperialist system to resolve the contradictions it has created has, on the one hand, proved the futility of the capitalist system itself and on the other the inevitability and correctness of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the need to make proletarian revolution to resolve these contradictions has been re-established. However, it is the divergence in the grasp of MLM and the lack of a strong organisational unity among the communist revolutionaries in the national and international level that have weakened our struggle against our class enemies.
Your struggle is being waged in such a situation when the working class people in your country are looking forward to getting rid of the hardships brought about by the economic crisis, an inevitable outcome of the capitalist system. We are confident that the ongoing struggle in your country will act as a catalyst to bring the entire revolutionaries closer and establish and strengthen its leadership over the working class movement.
Dear comrades,
The new democratic revolution led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in Nepal is now at a critical crossroads. The imperialism, mainly the Indian expansionism, and their pawns in Nepal have come forward in open not to allow writing people's constitution from the constituent assembly but are conspiring to impose presidential rule to hang Nepal on to status quo. A polarisation between the forces of status quo and those committed to going forward to People's Federal Republic is rapid. We are confident that the Nepalese people will take on this political struggle to victory under the leadership of the UCPN (Maoist).
In close support and solidarity of the international proletariat, Nepalese people's revolution has arrived at this stage. The days before the Nepalese people are challenging. However we are confident that the ideological strength of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the adept leadership of the UCPN (Maoist) can turn this challenge into victory.
Dear comrades,
Once again, acknowledge our red salute and strong solidarity to the struggling metal workers and the entire workers in Italy. We wish a grand success of the ongoing struggle in your country.
With revolutionary greetings!

Comradely yours

Shalikram Jamkattel
All Nepal Federation of Trade Union

Comrades, sisters and brothers,
   Its time to change, its time to revolt against all kinds of oppression and corruption. its time to establish a new system based on social justice ,freedom of speech and expression.
 You can achieve the goals of struggle by promoting your mass movement.
 your unity in storming the streets of your country is essential factor in the struggle.
I , on behalf of my palestinian people, support totally your movement .
  with warm solidarity greetings
Leila Khaled

Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine

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