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Friday, February 18, 2011

Local Kansas Socialist Party activist take action against US involvement in the Middle-east

From Candice Hare;

Candice hare in Kansas has suggested sending an open letter to Obama about the current situation in Egypt and Tunisia.
I am surprised at the lack of response she has received from folks in the party she had presented this with.
The letter could use some editing, here is the most recent version.

What might the process be for endorsing and circulating such a letter? It is not a statement, so the usual way of going about this might not be quite right. I hope folks will give this some thought and put some serious attention into acting on the work of a dedicated comrade with a good idea.

here is what is up so far- B. Collins

Dear Mr. President,

In light of recent events in the Middle East and Africa, we the undersigned hereby pledge a vow of solidarity with the people of Egypt, Tunisia and abroad, and we vow to protect the human interests of those popular movements. The United States government possesses an extensive record of intervention within the political affairs of almost every nation on the globe. There also exists an extensive record of the United States imposing western economic, and political will upon developing and transitioning nations. Current global super powers (i.e. the United States, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia.. ), in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank impose a culture of neo-liberal policy expansion, with the goal of extending our "style of doing business" to every reach of the planet. The tactics used to proliferate that goal are often dangerous and usurious, which directly result in acute and long term instability of target nations, and inversely the people. Widely accepted evidence and testimony has exposed U.S. participation in the installation autocratic dictators, the theft of natural resources from indigenous people, in strengthening the power of terrorist organizations, and in supporting regimes which undermine the integrity of the democratic process, thus negating the will of the people who are directly affected.

The people of Tunisia and Egypt have demonstrated a strong collective will to reject the current order of business within their borders, are expelling current leadership, and seek to restructure the fundamental elements of their respective societies. These popular movements are in congruence with the course of history, and countless popular struggles to alleviate collective ills which are being imposed by identifiable forces. We believe the successful outcome of these movements is contingent upon the opportunity for the people to be the architects of their own destinies, without external interference. We must recognize and protect this process, the outcome of which will be decided by the collective determination of the people to remedy their known societal ills.

Mr. President, you have publicly vowed to provide U.S. support during the impending transitional process which will result from the current political uprising in the Nile River Valley. Even accepted at face value, it is the wrong course of action. The nature of organization, within Egypt particularly, clearly illustrates the collective will to reject the prevailing wisdom in regards to societal and political structures. These movements are comprised of individuals, sectarian and non-sectarian groups, labor unions, youth and student organizations. They have recognized the forces within their own governments which have committed numerous human rights violations, repressed the democratic process, continuously acted against and without regard to the will of the people, and have failed to ensure economic stability for the region, thereby handicapping citizens' ability to survive. Similar conditions across the globe have created massive wage disparities between the wealthy elites and the worker class , and even larger disparities when it comes to the poor. The Nile River Valley was not immune to this condition, conversely; the rest of the globe is not immune to the spread of collective mobilization against it. If that occurs, then that is within the will and the rights of the people and no external or governmental force would be just in trying to combat it.

We, the concerned citizens of the World, stand unified and resolve that we:

1. Recognize the tactics utilized by global interventionists in order to ensure the expansion of oppressive, and repressive policies in order to benefit wealth accumulation for a concentrated set of individuals;

2. Presume that the prevailing strategies for economic and political manipulation have been initiated in response to the civil unrest in the Nile River valley.

3. Cannot and will not allow the U.S., and/ or global monetary policies to dilute or distort the democratic will of the people who reside in region.

We, the undersigned demand that the United States, government cease and desist all efforts to intervene with the Egyptian and Tunisian political processes. We support the self determination of the people in restructuring their own territories, and reject the notion that any interference from external forces is needed or wanted in that process. We reject any attempts by the U.S. to impose policy changes, transitional rules, or political candidates upon the people of the Nile River Valley. Any U.S. action to the contrary will be considered an act of governmental extortion and manipulation, and will not be tolerated. We the people remain steadfast in our solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian people, and all people everywhere struggling for political autonomy and will utilize every avenue of popular authority to ensure the protection of their transitional processes.

Thank you,
Your Name/Organization here


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