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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Religion, the poor and evolution

Religion itself if not an evil thing. Religious people have opposed war, poverty and have supported progressive causes. But not all religion is like that. Some are openly anti-poor, blaming the victims of this system.
Some oppose evolution and other proven forms of science.
The following signs are an example of religious people who have grown cold and indifferent of others.

Then there are the arguments against evolution. How can something as complex as an eye evolve they ask. Well, take a look at this photo of a flatwork. It appears to have crossed eyes. But in reality, those are eyespots. They only detect light. There is no lens. The eye is not compound as in an anthropoid, where the eye is broken into many fixed lenses as a photograph is made of tinny dots. There is little doubt that our earliest ancestors had such eyes. Over time, lenses developed and we were able to not only see light, but shadows and later images. -សតិវ អតុ

In the last picture, evolutionists claim we can’t find examples of evolution taking place. Notice the salamander, with the common name Congo eel, has very tinny legs. They are so small as to seem useless to this animal. But they must have had a use at some time in the past. As with snakes, the just don’t need legs anymore. They still have them now. But a million years from now, they are unlikely to have any legs at all.

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