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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Solidarity with the people of Egypt

Party of the  Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) - Italy,;

We release this stance by Communist parties, groups and organizations led by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism about the popular masses who rebel in Tunisia, Egypt and in the other countries where they soon will begin the same great and heroic enterprise, inviting to subscribe it.

CARC Party – Int. Dept.

The international communist movement led by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

greets with joy and favor the uprisings of the popular masses in Tunisia and Egypt that are overthrowing the regimes that oppress their country. They are anti-popular and tyrannical regimes, heirs of the old colonial system that has now worn neocolonial clothes. They are regimes slaves of U.S. imperialism, of the International Community that the U.S. government presides over, of the Zionist groups in Israel who are the colonial armed wing of the American imperialist bourgeoisie in Palestine and in the Middle East, of the world imperialist system.

Let their revolt be the dawn that heralds a new world!

The more the general crisis of the imperialist world system is getting worse, the more the corrupt and servile regimes slaves of the world imperialist system starve the masses, oppress the workers, in particular, they deny a decent future for young people and women, repress aspirations of so many people to a better world and the attempts to organize themselves to build it.

To overthrow these regimes is necessary to cope with the general, economic and environmental crisis produced by the world imperialist system and to progress. Without overthrowing those regimes, we cannot defend ourselves with some effectiveness and success against the plundering of the resources of our countries by multinational companies, by speculation even on foods, medicines, fuel and raw materials by the international market and its stock exchanges, by the exploitation of labor, by the usury of the financial market, of its institutions and its banks, by the political interference of the imperialist world system and of the imperialist powers that are at its head. No progress is possible.

We members of the International Communist Movement guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism call all progressive and communist organizations, parties and currents, all the democratic people, human rights advocates, and everyone who is in favor of justice, and freedom to fully support the revolt of the popular masses in Tunisia, Egypt and in the other countries suffering from similar conditions. The Arab and Muslim countries, from Iraq to Afghanistan, have already given and are still giving a great contribution to the liberation of peoples oppressed by U.S. imperialism and by its International Community, nailing down mounting numbers of imperialist troops.

We call for an emergency government with the participation and leadership of that most disadvantaged sections of society which is largest in number. We call for such government to organize the popular masses in order to be able to face militarily any armed attack by internal reactionary forces or by the imperialist powers, mainly US and Zionist imperialists.

We call the Communists around the world to support their struggle and their efforts to organize and give themselves a correct line.

In order to win and to advance it needs that in each country strong vanguard and mass organizations be formed among the masses, especially among workers, women and young people and that they establish strong bonds of brotherhood with each other at international level. As sooner in each country and on the international level this organizational web will be formed, the faster and larger the victory will be, the less painful and less disruptive the elimination of the old social systems will be, the more direct will be the start of the construction of a new world equal to the existing material and spiritual achievements of mankind.

The communist movement in this period has not yet fully recovered from the exhaustion of the first wave of proletarian revolution, from the decay of the first socialist countries until their disappearance and from the corruption and dissolution of many communist parties: the misfortunes it met in the second part of the last century. So today we Communists are not giving the liberation movement of oppressed peoples a contribution as great as that the communist movement gave in the first part of the last century. Anyway, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism the communist movement is reviving both in the imperialist countries and in the countries oppressed by the imperialist powers, in fraternal union with all those who struggle determined to build a better world, at the level of civilization, culture , knowledge and productive forces attained by human kind. Communist parties will form stronger and stronger alongside with the exploited classes and oppressed peoples, to promote and guide their struggle, vanguard departments of their struggle. Already in several countries, primarily in Nepal where the new democratic revolution led by UCPN - M has already achieved great successes, the communist movement shows the power that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism gives to the liberation movement of oppressed peoples and to the emancipation movement of the popular masses and of the workers from the imperialist bourgeoisie and from other exploiting and ruling classes. We believe that the communist movement will soon be back at the head of the masses who struggle for social emancipation, for national liberation and for human progress, in every country to establish a system of social relations with a new and more advanced system of international relations.

Long live the rebellion of the oppressed people!

Long live the emancipation of the exploited classes!

The communist movement led the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is alongside with those who struggle against imperialism, neo-colonialism, national oppression and class exploitation, and to radically eliminate all forms of exploitation and oppression of man on man once and for all!

(new) Italian Communist Party ((n)PCI)


Filipino revolutionary forces are one with the struggle of the Egyptian people

Communist Party of the Philippines

February 4, 2011

Other versions: Hiligaynon

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the Filipino revolutionary forces express their solidarity with the Egyptian people in their struggle to put an end to the 30-year US-backed feudal dictatorship of the Mubarak regime.
The CPP has been intently following developments in Egypt and a number of other Arab countries where intense and widespread people's unrest against decades of feudal dictatorial rule and social miseries have recently been on the rise. In Tunisia, mass demonstrations succeeded in putting an end to the 23-year iron-fisted rule of the Ben Ali regime that wrought socio-political repression and economic hardships on the masses.
Several hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have been massing up for days in Cairo's Tahrir Square to demand the immediate ouster of the Mubarak regime.
The massive Egyptian demonstrations, which began on January 25 have been impelled by mass discontent over the pro-imperialist, feudal, dictatorial, bankrupt and antipeople policies of the Mubarak regime. The Egyptian people have long been made to suffer political oppression, rising prices, widespread unemployment and mass poverty, and suppressed with the use of terror, emergency laws, military brutality and the secret police. The CPP supports the national and democratic aspirations and struggle of the Egyptian people.
The CPP condemns the Mubarak regime and his ruling party for unleashing security forces, fascist agents and several thousand counter-demonstrators yesterday to attack the anti-Mubarak protestors. Yesterday, camel and horse riding fascist forces charged at and whipped protestors, threw stones and fired guns at them. At least five demonstrators were killed and more than 600 wounded.
The fascist counter-demonstration was an attempt by the ruling regime to project the anti-Mubarak protesters as only a fraction of the Egyptian people. With the outright display of fascist violence, it also tried to dissuade the Egyptian people from joining further demonstrations.
The Mubarak clique's fascist tactics are bound to fail. It reflects the ruling regime's desperation to hold on to power. It is now teetering and nearing collapse.
The Mubarak regime could only persist during the past three decades with its sheer repression of the Egyptian people through the employment of US-funded army and police. With a $2 billion annual military subsidy from the US, this much-detested regime has been second only to Israel in receiving the largest US "foreign aid." Under Mubarak, Egypt has served as a US-Israeli foil against the Palestinian and Arab peoples.
The CPP enjoins the Egyptian people to consolidate their ranks, prepare for greater difficulties and bigger sacrifices, and strive to persist and advance their struggle. They must draw strength from the justness of their cause in order to persevere and achieve victory in the struggle to put an end to the US-Mubarak fascist regime.

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