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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are mega marts our future?


We have a new mega store down the street called Menards. What do they sell? They sell everything. They have food, hardware, gardening equipment, just about everything a store can sell.
They even advertise themselves as a “mega store.” We already have a Wal*Mart, a Target, for food and jus about everything else. We have a Lowe’s for all the hardware projects a person may need.
I can remember when there were little stores that sold groceries. We still have nursery stores that not only sell seeds and plants, but they have experts who can tell us about them. We have a small hardware store that can tell us what kind of wood we might use as siding or for window sills. But what happens to them when low wage, super-volume mega marts start taking over. Will these young low wage owners actually know much about the department they work in? Will low prices put the smaller shops out of business?
Besides these questions there is the look of these mega stores. They seem as large as a football field and have a parking lot just as big. They are REALLY well lit. That means if you live within a block of these eyesores you will never see most of the stars, nor will you really see a dark night for as long as you live in your house.

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