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Friday, March 04, 2011

Demonstrations against NATO and the 9 killed in Afghanistan


The US and NATO are being asked by protesters in Libya to help them remove Muamar Kaddafi, who at this time has been holed up in Tripoli, the Libyan capital with no hope of retaking his country back.
They really should look at NATO’s track record before they ask for such intervention
The latest NATO air strikes in Afghanistan has killed nine innocent children, according to several news sources.
In Wichita today, there are protests against those strikes and the US’s continued presence in both Iraq & Afghanistan.
The Wichita Molly Brigade will hold a demonstration against the US’s continued present in those countries, March 4, starting at 4:45p.m., in Old Town, 1stand Mosley. Signs will say: "Why are we still in Afghanistan & Iraq?"  "Support the Madison 14" - "We spent $2 billion today on war." 
Also according to the local Molly Brigade handout:
“Our esteemed (?) Secretary of Defence Robert Gates - advises us that we should never go to wars again - such as Iraq & Afghanistan - a trillion dollars late, plus the utterly useless sacrifice of thousands of American, Iraqi & Afghanistan lives.  Is it too much to ask we stand on street corners and ask our Pres and Congress to STOP these damnable wars?”


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