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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya is now part of the US/NATO war for oil and dominance in the Middle-East

We can add Libya to the countries the US is getting involved in. There has been nothing said about the crisis in Bahrain. Not only is that government cracking down and killing protesters, troops from Saudi Arabia has sent troops to back up that government. The US and NATO are now setting up a new war in Libya, specifically to help anti-government rebels (who the US officials admit they know little about) against  Moammar Gadhafi/
معمر القذافي. The US government has demanded he step down so it amounts to a declaration of war. NATO countries have agreed to do much of the fighting. As with Iraq and Afghanistan, all the arguments about “human rights and protecting civilians” are pure bull-shit! Libya has a great supply of oil and as with other US military interventions in the middle-east- This IS ABOUT OIL.
  -សតិវ អតុ


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reaking: French military jet opens fire in Libya --French aircraft have destroyed four Libyan tanks in air strikes 19 Mar 2011 The first shots have been fired in Libya by French military jets enforcing the no-fly zone voted for by the UN. French aircraft are preventing forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Gaddafi from attacking the rebel-held city of Benghazi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy says after a meeting of world leaders in Paris. French aircraft also flew over "all Libyan territory" on reconnaissance missions, according to French military sources. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tells journalists he believed British, French and Canadian aircraft would launch the first airstrikes, a BBC correspondent reports.
Breaking: France Fires on Libyan Military Vehicle 19 Mar 2011 A French official says a French fighter jet has fired on a Libyan military vehicle, in a first reported strike in the international campaign to enforce a no-fly zone. French Defense Ministry spokesman Thierry Burkhard says the strike was reported around 1645 GMT Saturday.
Warplane downed over Libya's Benghazi 19 Mar 2011 A warplane was shot down Saturday over the rebel-held Libyan city of Benghazi, an AFP reporter witnessed.
French Warplane Fires First Shot in Operation Against Libya, France Confirms 19 Mar 2011
Western powers launch airstrikes on Libyan military forces 19 Mar 2011 Western powers intervened in Libya on Saturday to prevent Moammar Gadhafi from crushing the rebellion in the eastern city of Benghazi. In a dramatic statement, French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that French airplanes were in the air over Benghazi to prevent Gadhafi’s aircraft from bombarding the city. Sarkozy said the planes would also attack tanks on the ground if necessary to end any assault. The west will oppose any aggression against the civilian population in Benghazi, Sarkozy said. [Except when Israel attacks the 'civilian population' in Gaza, or when US killer drones bomb 'civilian populations' 24/7 in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and any other place where there's oil, gas or opium routes to control -- then no problem! Am I the only one that sees through this hypocritical humanitarian bullsh*t and pathetic calls to oust dictators -- aka previous CIA assets 'going rogue,' recipients of tons of US armaments? The US government doesn't give a *damn* about civilians, anywhere! The US just wants oil production to slow to a crawl so Exxon Mobil's profits can skyrocket. More 'bad economy' equals more union busting and further decimation of the working class. --LRP]


The conflict in Libya is a concern for the peoples of the world. The loss of lives and the tragedy of the refugees is augmented by the threat of military intervention by NATO that, as the history of the last century and of the last ten years has shown, is driven by anything but humanitarian interests. Contradictory or even false news spread by the mainstream media - as it has been revealed on several occasions, even by internationally accredited scholars - in fact makes it difficult to understand what is the real situation in the country.
It seems clear that the multinationals are preparing the public consensus on military action in Libya. The latter would have the goal to gain control of energy and water resources of the country, as well as to occupy a crucial position in the strategic area of the Maghreb and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, still scarred by the European colonial crimes and where recent historically meaningful movements are going through.
In the international context, the Berlusconi government is characterized by reactionary so as by contradictory positions by ministers responsible for emergency management: on the one hand, the Minister of Interior Maroni of the racist Northern League, calling the U.S. to “ calm down” (Source: ANSA - March 6, 2011), fearing migration as an outcome of military aggression, on the other the Minister of Foreign Office Frattini, who diligently follows the lines laid down by the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and urges the position of NATO, whose military bases on Italian soil are ready to host the impending war maneuvers.
The only real peace initiative advanced in recent days is that of President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chávez Frías, supported publicly by the Political Council of the ALBA-TCP (Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America - Treaty of Commerce of the People) with a statement issued on March 4, 2011 (see translation below).
The proposal (which you can read in Castilian on the following website: is to form a “Commission for International Humanitarian Peace and Integrity of Libya, ”to send observers and to work to mediate between the parties, in order to avoid a military strike in the country and within the international community”s efforts to help the Libyan people.
The position taken by the Bolivarian government of Venezuela and ALBA-TCP shows a commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and peoples’ self-determination, and confirms that the integration processes underway in Latin America is a landmark for the people of the world toward the construction of a necessary alternative to war and oppression which capitalism is founded on.
We welcome and relaunch the appeal of the ALBA-TCP to social movements and international public opinion, for them to mobilize themselves against the military and interventionist plans and in Libya.
We support the peace initiative of the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and ALBA-TCP!
We support the resistance of peoples in struggle!
For life, sovereignty and self determination of the Libyan people!

Naples, March 8, 2011
The Editor of “ALBAinformazione

First signatories:
ANROS (enlace Italy)
Bolivarian Circle “José Carlos Mariátegui” – Naples, Italy
Bolivarian Circle “Antonio Gramsci” - Caracas
Alec (non-EU workers and Community Association) – Salerno, Italy
CARC Party – Italy
Struggling Workers’ Union – Naples, Italy
Association for Proletarian Solidarity – Italy,

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