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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Local paper shows that land developers buy local elections


  • Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

  • The Wichita Eagle came out with an article that shows just how much money the local developers put into local campaigns. It is no secret that land developers have had the city council in their back pocket and this is how they do it.
    Of the Developers Dave Burk has backed Mayor Carl Brewer, because of his use of local funding for downtown redevelopment. Brewer also got support from David Wells, co-founder of Key Construction.
    Burk and his wife gave three contributions of $500 each to Pete Meitzner, District 2; Joshua Blick, District 4; and Jeff Longwell, District 5.
    Wells and his wife gave $1,000 to Blick and Longwell and $1,500 to Meitzner.
    Steve Clark, real estate developer, gave $500 each to Stevens and O'Donnell.
    Other business people have contributed to campaigns and some with equal or greater value. But the real estate and developers seem to get the most out of local Government and the common people get the least. We get fewer parks, less money for libraries and road work for developers gets a higher priority than the rest of the city’s citizens. When it comes to problems of homelessness, It’s hard to tell this city even has a government.
    Big money messes up all our elections so it is no surprise that people need land developers income to get elected here in Wichita.

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