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Sunday, March 06, 2011

US Class War--It’s not just politics—it’s survival

Republicans, Tea Baggers and right-wingers across the country are trying to follow Governor Scott Walker’s lead in his bid to destroy all public workers unions. While opposition there is stiff, Republicans are walking over public workers in other states. According to Nancy Pelosi and Robby Mook, DCCC Executive Director;
In Ohio, Republican Gov. John Kasich is ramming through a bill taking away the rights of police, firefighters and teachers to organize. In Indiana, Republicans are actually going to fine House Democrats $250 a day for stopping a vote to slash workers’ rights.
This is class war, make no mistake about it.
Not only are these people standing on the backs of such nasty fascistic bastards as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Francisco Franco, they are just as determined that workers in the private section will be without health and retirement benefits and without any kind of representation or defence of their jobs. The Republicans act as if these workers GET free benefits from the public, but these workers EARN them and without them, the public will get the kind of teachers they deserve. They may get new enthusiastic teachers to replace the old, but those teachers will burn out and leave when they realize how unappreciated they are.
As with Herbert Hoover, these people want to throw the workers to the dogs.

According to A Blue Collar View;

   A small but determined group of republican state senators have succeeded in stopping the state of Missouri from accepting federal funds for unemployment extensions for people who have been receiving unemployed for more than 79 weeks. Led by Senator Jim Lembke, R-Lemay, the conservative republicans have been filibustering this week against accepting the funds in order to "send a message" to Washington D.C. that deficit spending must stop. The message many voters will get is that these republicans just don't care about those struggling in this poor economy and don't understand the real suffering being caused by the high unemployment rate.    
So state after state, the workers are being thrown into the street to be homelessness as well as jobless. And every fired public employee is added to the unemployment problem as well as competition for the few jobs that are presently available.
Are they trying to starve us to death? Much of this is the work of Tea Party activist who are made of older people who want government to take care of them, but give away nothing to younger people having trouble. It’s the “I got mine so fuck you” attitude that is turning this country into one of the worst nightmares of an entire generation.
Now more than ever it is time to rebel. Gov. Walker must be stopped and politically destroyed in order for this country to be a place where people can live. We need a revolution to make this a place for workers and all people to live peacefully, but the stakes are higher now than they have ever been. We are struggling for our survival. -សតិវ អតុ

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