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Monday, March 21, 2011

While US suppresses rebellion in Bahrain

If there is any doubt that the US is playing a hypocritical game of “let’s help the rebels we agree with and ignore the plight of those who want freedom from our own despots,” it is this article from The Telegraph(UK);

Saudi Arabia's support for the Gulf state risks drawing Iran into the conflict, writes Con Coughlin.

The issue occupying diplomats at the UN yesterday was how best to respond to the Libyan crisis. But an even graver threat to our future prosperity and security is unfolding in the tiny Gulf state of Bahrain.
At first glance, the decision by Bahrain's Sunni royal family to call in the Saudis to help quell an anti-government revolt by Shia protesters might seem the logical outcome to a dispute that showed no sign of a peaceful resolution. Ever since the protesters made the Pearl roundabout the epicentre of their campaign in mid-February, the ruling family has made strenuous efforts to meet their demands. Sheikh Salman al-Khalifa, the Crown Prince, has repeatedly sought to open a dialogue with the demonstrators, with a view to addressing their concerns. But the more the royal family has attempted to reach out, the more intransigent the demands of the protest movement have become.

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