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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Initiative to support People’s War in India

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) - Italy &

On Friday, 29th April at Carrara, Tuscany, in the boardroom of the Municipal Council, it will be held the initiative “Blood Ties”, in support of People’s War of the peoples of India against the looting and devastation of the planet, against the war of extermination and genocide financed by multinational corporations that the New Delhi government called Operation Green Hunt.

It will be screened a short documentary about the crimes of Tata Motors. Speakers Marco Lenzoni, head of international relations of Association for Proletarian Solidarity, on “FIAT and OMYA – bloody profits in India” and Paolo Babini, head of international relations of the CARC Party, on “resistance of peoples of India against the military operation “Green Hunt.”

The initiative is promoted by Association for Proletarian Solidarity and by the CARC Party. Coordination of Immigrants of Northern Tuscany, PCL and ARCI [Workers Communist Party and Italian Recreational Cultural Association, Note of Translator] of Massa join the initiative.

With this initiative, we give the opportunity to know one of the most advanced forms of popular masses’ resistance to the undeclared war of extermination that the imperialist bourgeoisie leads against them all over the world. We give the opportunity to learn about criminal deal between characters such as Sergio Marchionne [FIAT CEO, Note of Translator] and Ratan Tata. We show what Marchionne means blackmailing the Italian workers, threatening to move production elsewhere, perhaps even in India where, to rid the land to his partner Tata and to foreign multinationals, the Indian government sells off the country, organizes the extermination and deportation of tens of millions of human beings, prepares the devastation of one of the largest forests of Asia.

The communications manager of the Fiat group, called on to speak about the crimes committed by death squads hired by Tata Motors, said: “Where cars come from and how they are made is not business of ours.” This ostentatious criminal indifference, which masks a real complicity, remembers us that of the German companies at the time of Nazism, Krupp, Siemens, DEST, DAW, Heinkel, AEG, Demag - Daimler-Benz, which the Nazi regime handed over the prisoners as labor force. They were the companies which the Nazi regime offered land and mineral resources as the Government of India does with Tata and other foreign multinationals.

With this initiative, we show a resistance that does not crack, in South Asia, one of the most important centers of the revolution that will defeat the reactionary forces and transform the world in an even more radical and decisive form than that international communist movement was able to do in the first half of the twentieth century until the war against Nazi Fascism. It is a resistance led by a communist movement that is at the forefront in the defense of everything for which the masses are fighting all over the world and also in Italy: for a progress without exploitation, for women’s

emancipation, democracy, human rights, peace, environmental protection. It is a new communist movement, based on Maoism, the new science of the communist movement, that guides the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the most advanced communist forces in Asia and around the world.

All the people and the forces interested in the rebirth of the communist movement, and those interested in the defense of peace, democracy, environment, human rights, progress and all that the imperialist bourgeoisie seeks to destroy to keep up his system, are invited to attend.

Association for Proletarian Solidarity (ASP) ;

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