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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Organizations plan a May Day in Wichita, KS

May Day celebrations will take place in Wichita. This years event will be on May 1, 5 to 8pm at the Wichita Peace and Social Justice Center,
1407 N Topeka St.
This years topic will be The Immigrant Archive Project is preserving the life stories of Latino immigrants in the US. The event is being organized by the Wichita Democratic Socialists of America, Sunflower Community Action, and the Peace and Social Justice Center. All these groups and those who come will honor the international workers holiday on the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket tragedy, in Chicago, Il.
Organisers are calling on people to “Honor the workers who gave their lives to the cause of International Labor Solidarity, the fight for the 8-hour day, the right to organize and peaceably assemble. They are also calling on people to “Celebrate those who continue the same struggles today—from China to Egypt to Wisconsin to Kansas.”

We will post other action in other parts of the country and world as they come in;

May Day (International Workers Day) Celebration

 Maoist in Nepal are getting ready for May Day.

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