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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Iran to our Revolutionary Comrades in the Middle East and North Africa

People of Tunisia , Egypt , Syria , Palestine, … also, are our people! The reactionaries and imperialists have divided us by borders but common oppression and exploitation have grafted our hearts together.
When the wretched of the earth – slaves, peasants, workers, women and other oppressed – straighten their backs and move their gaze from ground to horizons of emancipation, a new chapter in history begins – one in which these are no longer voiceless and faceless victims but the key players.
At a time that world capitalist-imperialist system and its setups ruling in different countries seem everlasting and possibility of a different world is not readily in sight, the struggles of the people of Tunisia and Egypt opened a new chapter in history and brought smiles to faces of the oppressed and exploited of the world. Uprisings of these people gave a big blow to dark atmosphere of hopelessness and apparently "eternal" existence of the oppressive and suffocating status quo of these countries. When yesterday's verbal protests turned into angry rebellions and the corrupt ruling bands fell disgracefully on the ground, an exciting stage in the process of Middle East developments began. When these people powerfully moved to take their destiny into their own hands, they gave a sense of power and hope to all oppressed of the world because they created moments that made achievement of seemingly impossible dreams more real.
Mohammed Bu Aziz in fact enflamed the powder keg of this region which in turn sent its shock waves to Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Syria, … and devastated the client regimes of imperialism in the Arab world and pulled millions of people into political life, opening the gateways for flourishing their tremendous energy.
More than any other social and political trend, it is the Communists who have welcomed and taken heart in this new opening. On the other hand, eruption of these popular volcanoes have shaken to the core the reactionary states of the region as well as the European and American imperialists who consider this region a key to their world domination. They are doing their best in order to tame these upsurges.
The risings of the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt have really inspired hundreds of thousands of young and old in Iran and have produced among the people of Iran a sense of friendship and common destiny with peoples of these countries. These uprisings have given a good blow to rotten and chauvinistic anti Arab ideas which were produced and spread under the Shah's regime as well as the Islamic Republic regime. People's cry in the streets of Tunisia and Egypt who chanted `al shab yorid esghat-al-nizam" [People Want Fall of the System], reminded the militant and courageous youth in the streets of Tehran that reactionary program and goal of the leaders of the  "Green Movement" – i.e. to "reform the system" and "revive Khomeini era" -- must be broken with. The militant street protests of people of Tehran and other parts of Iran on February 14, 2011 who chanted "Ben Ali, Then Mubarak and now Seid Ali" [Khamenei's name] was undoubtedly inspired by and was a welcome to the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt .
During such inspiring conjunctures the masses of people learn that the oppressed – be it Iranian or Arab, Latin, African, Asian, European etc – are of the same race and our enemies are also of the same race. We the revolutionary communists of Iran salute the people of Tunisia , Egypt , Syria and any where else who have stood up in order to bury oppression and exploitation. We are proud of them and highly value what these uprisings have achieved up to now.
Struggle for accomplishing a real revolution have just begun. Ben Ali and Mubarak were merely commanders of a regime. Their regime was an operator of state machinery. And their state is a protector of an oppressive and exploitative economic and social system. The people have risen up in order to overthrow the old system and they have achieved important victories. However, a tortuous road is ahead because the old system is still dominant and has not been overthrown. Great opportunities for brining about a different world have been produced. But, great dangers are also threatening the newly born revolts of the people.
The question is what the road ahead is and how it will be paved? Undoubtedly, a repetition of bitter defeat of Iranian revolution is not a given. The lessons of that defeated revolution can be of tremendous value to the fighters in the Middle Eastern and North African countries. When that revolution was defeated one of the rare opportunities for revolutionary transformation of Iran and radically changing the face of Middle East was lost. Let us wield internationalist unity to prevent a repetition of such a loss in different forms. Be it that the people of the world proudly celebrate the victory of an authentic revolution in this region.

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