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Monday, May 02, 2011

God Bless our bloody hands

Osama Bin Laden death is no real loss, except for the few Islamic extremist who support him and they are a minority in every country except maybe in parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. Even in those countries he was not that popular.
However, dancing in the streets, waving flags and singing God Bless America is showing our crass jingoism at its worst.
President Barack Obama said it all last night.
“Today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country.”
After three years in office the killing of a man is the greatest accomplishment of this country? He may be right in the fact that this country has made mistake after mistake, especially after handing over power to the Tea Bag Republicans. They are out to sac Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and almost every form of social safety net this country has ever come up with.
In there quest for a balanced budget they have cut education to the bone, cost the public sector a lot of jobs and busted unions in their quest to break the backbone of the American workers. Obama’s reaction has been to compromise with them.
The one area neither party will talk about is cutting is our bloated military budget. Making war and killing people is the ONLY thing America does well these days.
Dancing in the streets, waving flags and singing stupid chants and songs will only take people’s minds off the terrible state of our economy for a few days or a week.
We are celebrating that we killed several people.
Obama praised the “Heroic work of our military and our counter terrorism professionals.” These people are skilled assassins trained for many years how to surprise and kill people when they least expect it. How is that heroic? They killed off everyone inside, including a woman, who has not been identified in the press.
Obama talked of protecting our “values abroad.” That seems to mean empire building, stealing resources for the US and using trained assassins to kill US enemies.
I won’t miss Osama, but I won’t drink Champaign, waive a flag or dance in the street either.
US Jingoism is despicable.  


 Graphic by Virtuous Planet

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