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Saturday, May 07, 2011

A New International?

There are a number of Maoist parties that want a new international. Actually they may want to revive the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) which has been dormant for several years. The best thing about RIM was that it looked for some common ground and a way for people in the world to keep up on what Maoist were doing in other parts of the world.
There is no doubt that attitudes and actions will differ from country to country. Each part of the world has its own cultural traits to deal with when trying to mobilise proletariat groups in each countries. There has never been a successful revolution in a modern industrialized country in the last century or now. That means revolutionaries in such countries have their work cut out for them.
I see no harm in parties reaching out to one another and sharing their experiences and their ideas.
There are a lot of Maoist parties in Latin America, Asia, Europe, USA and Canada. The following statement is from just a few of these parties. Some parties may wish to remain independent of such groups as RIM. But we can still communicate and debate issues with these other parties. We can also agree to disagree on some issues.  

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