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Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapture came and left—no one is gone


Most of us believed the coming rapture predicted by Harold Camping's was a hoax. Many of us are non-Christians and even our Christian friends have dismissed this weekend’s prediction as a ridiculous scam.
Several people, including friends of mine, held parties fully sceptical that anyone would be raptured. We were right. While several of us had an actual party other people took this hoax more seriously. According to KAKE TV of Wichita,
"This idea of a rapture day has spread across the country. This man is reaping in many, many dollars for his idea and I just think it's another example of people being fooled," said Alice Powell, an Atheist who to Wichita moved from California.
Powell was one of over a hundred people that listened to speakers sceptical of Doomsday. The secular student group at Wichita State University organized the first ever "Rapture Day" event to bring atheists together and dialogue about these Doomsday predictions.
 At Kirby’s in Wichita the False Flag and Crush Rock Roll show last night to mock the Rapture that was supposed to happen. It didn’t so the band had a good time.
People all across Wichita, even Christians, held events mocking this stupidity of an obvious con man that is out to cash in on people’s gullibility.
Few fell for it and few were disappointed. So ends another false profit who is probably hiding out and counting his money.

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