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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100th Cindy Sheehan Soapbox Radio Show With Roseanne Barr!

100th SOAPBOX With Roseanne Barr! (Click Here)


Click here to listen or download now! Sunday (June 5th), Cindy presented two guests: 1) up is actress, comedian and political commentator Rosanne Barr, and then on to 2) Cindy Hickey, mother of incarcerated hiker (in Iran?) Shane Bauer.

Roseanne presents her own web site,, and then moves on to discusses her new book: Roseannearchy, also known as "Dispatches from the Nut Farm." It's really her personal Journal on leaving 'Babylon' (Hollywood), for a real life in Hawaii. Golly gee, she sounds like "gasp" a real person here, boyz and grrls! Awesome, indeed - especially in this day and age! What I expected was a semi-comedic tour of "Roseanne's World," perhaps a distant cousin to "Wayne's World." What I got was a carefully reasoned and well thought-out semi-comedic presentation of a serious plan to save the world we already have. She's done a marvelous job analyzing/structuring her "Roseanearchy" here, folks!

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