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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kansas Rep. DeGraaf stands by his tasteless remarks on rape


Pro-choice activist are still outraged over Republican Rep. Pete DeGraaf, who compared being raped to fixing a flat tire in remarks he made in the Kansas House recently.
Pro-choice people have protested DeGraaf, demanding an apology or even stepping down from office after he made his remarks. According to The Wichita Eagle, he suggested women should plan ahead for the eventuality of needing an abortion because of rape or pregnancy complications by buying supplemental abortion-only health coverage, likening it to keeping a spare tire in the car.
 Kari Ann Rinker, the state coordinator for the National Organization for Women, said his remarks were degrading and insulting to the people of Kansas from a podium while standing next to three stacked car tires.
Car tires have been used as a symbol for this congresspersons insensitivity to women. DeGraaf made the remarks May 13 during a debate, at which the Kansas House approved a bill banning private insurers from offering abortion coverage as part of their general health plans, except when a woman's life is in danger.

Degraaf’s remarks are typical of the anti-abortion—anti-women legislators who now dominate the Kansas government including Sam Brownback occupying the governor’s seat. Anti-abortion rules seem to roll through the Kansas government with virtually no opposition.
The bill being debated in the house is an attempt to ban insurance companies from covering any abortion services. Even though they constantly talk of keeping government out of our health care, they seem to want exceptions to those things they don’t approve of and push their views on the rest of us against our beliefs. Degraaf has refused to apologize. That is not surprising. Anyone who would suggest that policy to possible rape victims shows absolutely no concern over the health and welfare of women.


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