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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obama’s speech—LBJ and Nixon all over again—or less

President Barack Obama gave his glorious speech tonight about ending the war in Afghanistan. That means brining most of the troops home. A few will stay behind to help the puppet government the US has left behind. It is another phoney democracy that will take direct orders from Washington without question because they “owe us their freedom and democracy.”  If it is anything like the democratic farce we have here, it is nothing more than a pathetic façade.
President Obama’s officials said of his speech; (from the Huff Post);
"I think he is certainly aware that the American public, after nearly a decade of war, is of course focused on making sure that we are pursuing a responsible end to these wars," said the official. "And I think that it's an important moment for him to be able to say to the American people, 'We are winding down the war in Iraq. We've removed 100,000 troops there. We're continuing to remove our troops over the course of this year that remain in Iraq. And now we have peaked in Afghanistan and are beginning to come down there as well through a path towards winding down the war in Afghanistan.'"
This sounds amazingly like former president Richard Nixon’s speech were he “wound down the war” while talking about “peace with honor.” There was no honor. He just gave up and left. He was a man without honor.
We can also consider the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson, who wasted many American men escalating Vietnam and invading the Dominican Republic, all while fighting poverty and black and white segregation here at home.
But unlike Johnson, what has Obama done to fix the problem of joblessness. This is an issue that strikes many of us. He has done nothing but kiss the asses of Republicans who are determined to create a society based on the 1930s where many workers starved and lived as ‘Hobos.”
Obama talked of focussing more on the home front. He said we need to focus on fixing problems here. In three years he has done NOTHING. The Republicans have dumped thousands off of government jobs. Then they talk of the importance of a balanced budget and giving businesses what they want so they will eventually provide jobs.  
What has Obama done to alleviate joblessness? Once again,,,,NOTHING,
Obama’s speech proves he is little better than Richard Nixon, one of the worst presidents we ever had.

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