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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pakistan- CMKP cells springing up rapidly

A number of Marxist-Leninist groups have come together to offer a left solution to the problems of imperialism and underdevelopment of Pakistan. They also want to offer an alternative to Islamic rule. -សតិវ ​អតុ

A burst in activity (17-06-11)

By: "imran"

Sun Jun 19, 2011

Activity Report

On 17th June, CMKP cadres held several meetings in various areas around

Fareed Town

The Party cadres arrived at the organizer's home in Fareed Town, a small
shanty town located a few kilometers before Raiwand, to find CMKP's flag hoisted atop the roof. Our comrades there have been been working tirelessly to unite the locals and residents from the adjacent Araiaan Pind. One of the innovative ways this was done was by organizing a cricket match between two teams of children and presenting a trophy to the winning team with 'CMKP' inscribed on it. That is how the party was introduced to the locals. As a result, about 30 people were there to listen to the CMKP cadres at the meeting.


A fresh Party cell in Bhuptian has been set up. During the meeting, members of this cell reported that CMKP's many cases against Leather Connection have won it enthusiastic support among the workers and infamy among the management. The formation of the Bhuptian Cell is a direct outcome of these labour cases. The workers from Leather Connection and other factories are increasingly coming to CMKP with their problems. The Party's Bhuptian Cell, with its swelling number of workers, is one of the most active cells in the party.


Two meetings with workers of different areas in Choong were organized. Along with the regular cadres, several members of the Faiz Cell led the meetings. The first meeting had 20 workers in it, most of them from US Denim. The second meeting had 8-10 workers, most of them from Descon Engineering. In each meeting, an introduction of the party was offered and topics which concerned the workers were discussed, with brief explanations of the
class struggle, exploitation and Socialism. It was stressed in each meeting that it is important for us to meet with regularity. Copies of the book, Sarmayadaari Aur Socialism (Capitalism and Socialism) were distributed to facilitate the theoretical training of the workers in Marxism.

News from Jhang

A member of CMKP (Lahore) has had success in establishing support for the Party in his hometown of Jhang. According to the report, many dozens have been introduced to the program of the party and they look forward to further interaction with the Party cadres.

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