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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disqualified' People's Liberation Army of Nepal


BY Rishi Raj Baral

At the outset, the Revolutionary Intellectual-Cultural Forum-Nepal expresses strong and profound solidarity with the movement being launched by our beloved comrades who were unjustly rendered 'disqualified militants' by the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). These comrades are now fighting for their own dignity as well as for the fate of the Nepalese Revolution. The warrior comrades, who fought a decade-long People's War and were never defeated by the enemies and also became a part of the glorious and revolutionary history of Nepal, were declared 'disqualified' by the UNMIN, which is unjust and also prejudiced. Now these revolutionary comrades are on the streets fighting yet another war for their dignity and justice. Unfortunately, the Maoist party, which is now called UCPN (Moist), and its principal leadership have not taken this issue seriously and earnestly.
Those who are already prepared to surrender even the qualified PLA members living in cantonments would definitely not take up the issue of the 'disqualified' comrades with due urgency and seriousness. It would be futile to expect positive results from them on this issue. The class status of our leaders has changed and they now belong to another class. They no longer belong to our class. They have forgotten the glorious history of decade-long People's War–the glorious red road of revolution. Against this background, revolutionary comrades are left with only one option of going to the streets and launch a decisive movement against the neglect and maltreatment meted out to them.
We, intellectuals and cultural activists, who also fought the Peoples War with pen and guns, and are still fighting against the revisionist roaders in the party, are always with our PLA comrades—whether they are qualified or disqualified. It is our fundamental responsibility to wholeheartedly support the movement being carried out by our comrades. We know that our PLA comrades are not disqualified in the eyes of the people. They were never proved disqualified on the battlefield. The time will come that would disclose the reality and prove who exactly are the disqualified ones. During the People's War, our comrades successfully completed all tasks assigned to them and are by no means disqualified. Instead, our leaders have proved themselves disqualified leaders on both ideological and practical ground. Now the leaders have no vision and dream of revolution. They are already rotten and they have chosen the easy path of Khrushchev and Deng. We know Deng can never be Mao and any attempt to transform Deng into Mao would be an exercise in futility.
First of all, we have to be clear that a revolutionary party means a vanguard party politically and ideologically. Without breaking the relation with all types of opportunism, we cannot move ahead. New step is needed, that is to overthrow the opportunists from the party and restructuring and reestablishing the revolutionary line in the party. We must also be clear that two line struggle alone would not serve the real purpose in the party. Class struggle is the need of hour that alone would determine the revolutionary course in the party. Without being clear on this issue, we cannot go ahead. Those comrades, who claim to be revolutionaries in the UCPN(Maoist), need to be clear on this issue. Otherwise their revolutionary rhetoric would be like the saying: Empty vessels make sound.
Our Forum urges all patriots and oppressed people to come out to the streets and join hands with the PLA comrades who are already on the streets against injustice and prejudice. Comrades must understand the fact that we have to traverse a long journey of revolution. We know it is full of twist and turns. It is not the time to surrender and to be distressed. It is the time to be more enthusiastic and optimistic. The present situation demands revolutionary enthusiasm from all of us to move ahead on the path of revolution and radical change. People have the right to rebel. We know people want revolution and proletarians want their party to work for and lead the revolution. Now the time has come to determine which side our comrades are going to stand?
August 10,2011

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