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Thursday, August 11, 2011

London riots and Flash Mobs in the US

When the government short changes funding for high school students and the cost of college is jacked up too high for many young people, is it any surprise that young people right here in the US are losing respect for authority. Just as in the 1960s when it was obvious the government lied to us, today’s youth are reaching the same conclusion.
As in Britton, young people here are venting their anger using “Flash Mobs.” As with the youth in Britton, the rightwing and mainstream press are treating this as just a crime problem. The idea that young people may feel disillusioned abandoned by the older generation is never discussed. Their high school educations are being stripped to pay of the national debt, but in the news, they are treated as just a crime problem and the same old prescription of police intervention is the cure all. According to ABC;

The rioting in Britain, now entering a sixth day, has prompted authorities to add 16,000 police in the streets of London. Mob rule has taken place across the capital and quickly spread to smaller British cities, including Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. On Wednesday three men were killed when they were hit by a car while reportedly defending their neighborhood from looters.
Now that youth mobs in Philadelphia have led to new government action, questions remain: why is this happening, and what is the likelihood of such activity amongst American youth?
The city of Philadelphia has now begun a coordinated response to flash mobs and teen violence that has recently plagued the city and terrorized residential areas.
Maybe young people are fed up with the stupid anti-youth people taking office in Washington. Maybe they realize they are being sacrificed by the older generation for their own comforts. -សតិវ អតុ
Typical bull shit from Fox;

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