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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What now for Muammar Qaddafi /مُعَمَّر القَذَّافِي

Imperialism of the US, by the Imperial leader Barack Obama, now has a victory under his belt. NATO, always under US command, had successfully dislodged Colonel Muammar Qaddafi (مُعَمَّر القَذَّافِي), who is now gone, for all practical purposes.
NATO has carried out bombings and killing of civilians for some time to make sure the rebels win, and, possibly unknown to some of them, the main oil fields are now in Western hands. Whether they realize it or not, they have given their resources to Western powers, such at the US. They can ask the folks in Iraq just how much oil they actually have.  
There is no doubt as to whether the rebels have ousted Qaddafi.
According to the Christian Science Monitor;

Rebel fighters streamed into Tripoli as Muammar Qaddafi's forces collapsed and crowds took to the streets to celebrate, tearing down posters of the Libyan leader.
A convoy of rebels entered a western neighbourhood of the city, firing their weapons into the air. Rebels said the whole of the city was under their control except Qaddafi's Bab Al-Aziziya-Jazeera stronghold, according to al-Jazeera Television.
Qaddafi made two audio addresses over state television calling on Libyans to fight off the rebels.
"I am afraid if we don't act, they will burn Tripoli," he said. "There will be no more water, food, electricity or freedom."
Not many Qaddafi supporters are out there cheering him on, but the Workers World Party always championed the Muslim anti-imperialist and they said;

The NATO powers of Europe and the U.S. are declaring victory after having pounded the small country of Libya for five brutal months. They are claiming that the “rebel” forces they command, whose road to Tripoli was paved by NATO air strikes that knocked out much of Libya’s civil and military capability, now control the capital....

But others wonder, what next for the mighty empire? What will they do without villains? As with the fictional novel, “1984” the US has to have a villain to fight wars against or the whole system may collapse. After all, almost $7 billion goes to military spending and what if there are not enemies left?
It just so happens that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is under pressure from rebels to resign. It also happens that the country of Syria has been accused in the past of supporting terrorists. Here is the perfect bad guy for the next use of imperialist fire power of NATO or the US military to give the illusion we are promoting democracy.
And don’t worry about real rebellions as we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt. In Bahrain The government is killing those people so the US won’t lose military basses or oil outlets. Obama is helping the King of Bahrain to kill of any rebels who might endanger the US Empire.
Naturally our government has tried hard to hide the Bahrain protest from the US public. But Face book has this site to tell you more about Bahrain.  -សតិវអតុ

Youtube has censored Bahrain demonstrations!!!!

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