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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Conferences in October, New York and France

Two October conferences, one is a better English translation than the one below and the other is for New Yorh


Conference held in New York;

From Kasama Project;


Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek with Verso Books at Cooper Union, New York

October 14th-16th 2011

By Rowan Wilson
A new conference with leading thinkers to discuss the continued relevance of the communist idea.
‘The long night of the left is coming to a close’ wrote Slavoj Žižek and Costas Douzinas in their introduction to The Idea of Communism. The continuing economic crisis, the shift away from a unipolar world defined by American hegemony, and the ecological crisis mean that growing numbers of people are keen to explore an alternative, and to re-discover the idea of communism. With the advent of the Arab Awakening millions have sought new ways to overcome corruption and dictatorship.

From France, a much better English translation of the invite below;
Dear Comrades,

Initiative is taken by maoist Communist Party of France and maoist Communist Party – Italy to organize a meeting in Paris Saturday, October  15th “From revolts in arab countries to New Democratic Revolution toward socialism and communism”.

We especially invite the comrades of Maoist Movement of Tunisia, maoist comrades in Morocco, all anti-imperialist organizations and committees in France and the world over, all organizations and parties of the oppressed countries of the arab world, first of all from Palestine, to participate in the meeting either directly or through a declaration.

It is the first public and open refelxion of the maoist about the situation of the revolts and an effort to support them, particularly supporting maoist of the arab world, in the framework of the global support of the anti-imperialist forces and struggling people in the arab world.

The full text of the invitation will be send very soon in English.

You are welcome
Saturday 15th October
10.00 am
CICP 21 ter rue Voltaire 75011 PARIS
Metro rue des Boulets

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