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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nepal's Maoist leader Comrade Prachanda has been missing last fiew days

According to Hindu Times, Chairman Prochanda has been missing the last view days;

A 'disappearing act' by Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', chairman of Nepal's ruling Maoist party, had led to a bevy of speculations about his whereabouts. The former prime minister, his wife Sita and son Prakash went missing from Biratnagar airport in eastern Nepal since Friday. He
resurfaced in the same airport on Sunday after a gap of nearly 40 hours.

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From Maoist Communist Party, Manipur,,

Comrade Prachanda has been disappeared since 9th September 2011 and no one knows where about of him till 11th September 2011. He has seen for the last time at Damak area and he had met a leader of reactionary Nepali Congress. People have suspected his presence at Siliguri, India and he had met with India’s official in his secret tour. There is some rumor spread out from his supporter that he never went outside Nepal but he went to attended an International Brotherhood Conference at Border area which all the Maoist organizations around the world to be attend.  We have confirmed that there has no such conference to be hold. Its rumor is nothing but trying to hide about his presence at India with the Indian reactionary state officials. Krantipur, A local daily newspaper of Nepal confirmed that he landed at Biratnagar Domestic airport at 4 p.m. and he was picking up by his one supporter from the Airport secretly. There was no any having knowledge of landing a former Prime Minister and a chairman of ruling party at Airport by the officials. His secret mission with Indian reactionary government is directly against the interest of Communist Party of India (Maoist) and Maoist communist Party of Manipur and world proletarian revolution and its interest in general. There is confidential news that Indian reactionary government has been extended monetary support to her reactionary counterparts. India had given huge monetary support to the Bangladesh government for succeeding the illegal extradition over the leaders of United Liberation Front of Assam, United National Liberation Front, Manipur and other parties of North East. The same had happened with the Bhutanese Government in last operation against ULFA. Recently Burma (Myanmar) got huge monetary support so the Burmese anti people government has started massive offensive against ULFA anti talk group and we hope it will continue for sometime. So we have suspicion Mr. Prachanda’s secret mission with reactionary India government might related with such process. Maoist Communist Party, Manipur strongly condemn his secret mission and demand a clarification from him and Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) regarding his secret mission. We appeal all the Maoist Parties around South Asia which are unified under the Coordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organization of South Asia (CCOMPOSA) and those organizations who are not taking part in CCOMPOSA to demand the clarification from him directly through UCPN (Maoist).  We also appeal all the Maoist parties around the world to be united in the larger interest of the world proletarian revolution. We would also like to appeal all the Maoist people around the world to place against the massive operation recently launched by the Burmese anti people government against the North East insurgency who are not in cease fire with reactionary India government.

Long Live Revolution,
Comrade Sharad
Maoist Communist Party, Manipur


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