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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Many Wichitans turn out for a “support Occupy Wallstreet” demonstration

From  Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Today Wichita had a rally to support those who are involved in Occupy Wallstreet. The crowed grew steadily from 2 pm. until there were more than 100 people.
For Wichita that is a large amount of people for such a protest.
Protesters marched from Douglas and Broadway to a park that has the site of the historic 1958 Dockum sit-in.
There was no dominant ideology of the protesters. They varied from left wing Democrats to libertarians, anarchists and Marxists. But the dominant theme was that Wallstreet and the electoral process are corrupt and something has to be done about it.
A rally was held at the park and again the theme was that election do not benefiting anyone. Even though the protest was mostly young people under 30, many older activists had joined in to support the cause. About one third of the protesters were over 30. Many people had given speeches of how they got a college education only to find there are no jobs available. Many in the audience were teachers who complained that all the layoffs and firings of state teachers have left them in debt and out of work. This is not much difference to the problems that set off protest in Madison Wisconsin.
While there were no arrests or civil disobedience, the point of the protest was to show solidarity to those in New Your and around the country

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Christina said...

I have heard about the Occupy Wichita protests... However, I am unaware of the schedule. How do I get this information? I need dates, times and places. I do work and have children but I would love to be involved as much as possible. This includes volunteering to help as well as protesting.