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Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet Showdown!!!

Many organizations across the country are ready for the police to try and break up Occupy Wallstreet. Many organizations have already responded. The time will be 6am tomorrow. That is when the operation will start. Now is the time for all who can make it to try and defend our right to democracy. Our government supported those who fought for it abroad and now they want to kill it here. Let’s all say “NO WAY” we will not be broken. -សតិវ អតុ

Hands off Occupy Wall Street!  Mayor Bloomberg has announced that those who are at Zuccotti Park or Liberty Plaza must leave at 7am Friday October 14th so that it can be "cleaned".  He stated that people can re-enter when they are finished but under certain conditions. Just a few days ago he issued a statement saying  that the occupation could continue "for as long as they want".

We say no way!  You will not remove occupiers under false pretenses. Occupy Wall Street has caught the attention of the global community and there are over 1,300 occupations happening nationally. Stop Bloomberg from evicting people from an area that is not only clean but is representing the future. I have personally witnessed the situation at Liberty Park and it is skillfully organized, cared for and cleaned by those who occupy it! 
Elaine Brower, member of the steering committee of The World Can't Wait
From Facebook;

EMERGENCY CALL TO ACTION: Prevent the forcible closure of Occupy Wall Street!

From Institute for Research & Human Rights;
Hands off Occupy Wall Street!!!
This IREHR special investigation looks at the range of far-right responses to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, from infiltration to villification. IREHR says to the Tea Party, to Alex Jones, to the Ron Paulsters and the other bigots who want to crash the Occupy protests: Hands Off Occupy Wall Street!

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