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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday—Is it really a holiday?

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

The True meaning of Christmas can be found on so called “Black Friday”--The traditional rush to get the best buys for the Christmas season. It would be easy to just chalk it up to greed, but for the buyers it is a lot more complicated.
Many people feel an obligation to buy expensive gifts for their family members. Some people are willing to camp-out for hours waiting for a sale because they couldn’t afford certain items if they didn’t.
For the companies that cash in on this day, it is a great gimmick for our corporate giants to not only make a quick buck, but give shoppers ideas on things to buy when they come back. Many outlets rely on the season before Christmas to boost their profits. For many corporations the Christmas season is a make or break for yearly profits.  This is not about Santa or Jesus, this is about profit$.
The TV is loaded with commercials and they don’t wait until after Thanksgiving. They usually start in early November or earlier. They promote giving relatives cars. They promote toys, tools and everything under the sun.
and giving. He is found through-out European history in different forms. Now he is also a corporate symbol to promote a spending spree by the consumers. Is this the birthday of Jesus’ or the yearly celebration of corporate greed? Some atheists, agnostics and pagans celebrate this season. It’s not JUST for Christians.
This Friday I will be sitting around watching TV or visiting with friends. I won’t get up early and I won’t be knee deep in a crowd of people who are frantically rushing to get certain bargains. I won’t celebrate a day dedicated to corporate greed. I will try to buy presents at small mom and pop stores. I don’t celebrate any holiday just to make fat cats fatter.

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