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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

General strike for Occupy Wall Street called for tomorrow

From the World Can't Wait;

OCCUPY Oakland has called a general strike for Wednesday November 2.  Dozens of unions, schools, coffee shop workers and businesses are joining in after the brutal police attack on the occupiers last week.  Join in where you are.  Find out more for other cities at
Stories related to the occupations below.

Today, I'm sharing some pieces written by people I know personally and admire, concerning events in the last week in the battle to stop the crimes of our government.

Elaine Brower is on World Can't Wait's Steering
Committee, an organizer of and many anti-war actions since the Bush years:
“Stop and Frisk” Is Just Plain Wrong!
Why would I care, being a middle-class white woman from Staten Island, what happens with the people who are effected by the NYPD policy of “stop and frisk?” It doesn’t ever bother me, I don’t get pulled over, or stopped in the street, nor do my children, or my extended family.

I’ll tell you why. This policy, instituted under the reign of terror implemented by “bulldog” Kelly and Bloomberg, is up there with the likes of Guantanamo Bay, Baghram prison, and the Hutto prison, all of which, and more, not only detain and torture people illegally, but are just plain morally wrong...

This policy represents one of the worst in this city that I grew up in, along with the targeting of our Muslim communities through mosque surveillance, and entrapment. No longer should we tolerate the abuses of our fellow brothers, and sisters. It’s way past time to get mad. The system we are living under is oppressive, always has been and always will be until we decide to change it....Join me now.  See to learn more. Continue reading

Elaine being arrested protesting the racist NYPD "Stop and Frisk" policy.

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