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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

News from Peru

An English translation of the document FOR THE GENERAL REORGANIZATION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU AS PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEOPLE'S WAR TO CONQUER POWER IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY! GRASP GONZALO THOUGHT TO SOLVE NEW PROBLEMS, published in Spanish by the New Democratic Association in Germany on the third of October, is now available online. The document is of fundamental importance for the supporters and friends of the Peruvian revolution, in particular for those who want to defend the red line of Chairman Gonzalo, the PCP and the PW. German translations have already been published. Those who have questions are welcome to contact us by e-mail. Please note that the English and German translations are pending correction.

The English translation:

The German translation:

The Spanish original:

With revolutionary greetings,

New Democratic Association

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