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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

No-income-tax for Kansas is just another shell game

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Any time a Kansas Republican wants to do us a favour, many of us realize the change will benefit them and their millionaire friends. That’s why a group of Occupy Wichita people greeted a buss, partially funded by a Missouri billionaire and using a bus with an Alabama license tag, made it to Wichita on Saturday, to spread its message to abolish the Kansas income tax.
“In Texas, where this has been, it has been a disaster,” protesters shouted out while Kansas Representative Brenda Landwehr was talking. The group chanted loudly together repeating a speech by one of the protesters, Janice.
The Lawrence Journal World reported in recent days that Missouri anti-tax billionaire Rex Sinquefield has contributed to Kansans for No Income Tax.
On hand to support the elimination of the state tax was Landwehr who tried to speak while Occupy Wichita activist tried to drown her out with chants. Her husband was there and actually tried to start a fight with one of the protesters.
Republicans supporting this action claim it will help create jobs and bring more people to Kansas. While the small towns may need more people, most newcomers go to Wichita looking for jobs. The city can’t control the growth it has now. Cutting so much tax revenue to the budget will likely hurt schools and other institutions. Other taxes, such as a sales tax, will be needed to make up the revenue. That tax is more likely to hurt poor people trying to buy food and other necessities.
Many in Wichita are more determined to confront Republicans as they try to shift the tax burden from the wealthier people and institutions to the working poor.

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