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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Peasant are brutally tortured in Buritis--Brazil

From Poor Peasants League of Rondônia and western Amazon - LCP;

Google Translation;

 On November 18 the farmer Luiz Antunes was cowardly tortured by military and civil police of the municipality of Buritis, PA in High River. The peasants of this settlement have suffered several attacks of armed groups of landowners. In the worst of them, the peasants Élcio Gilson Gonçalves and Machado were brutally tortured and murdered in December 2009. To date the perpetrators of these crimes go unpunished follow.
Around 13:00 hours the peasant Louis came back from the city's bike when it was closed by three unmarked vans next to their lot. About 15 armed police vehicles and left without any explanation or the questions toppled to the ground, stomped on his throat and began sessions with a plastic bag suffocation, beatings with clubs and a scythe that cable was in place. The police wanted to take over Luiz crimes occurring in the region of Rio Alto Settlement Project and tortured nonstop for two hours, leaving several marks on his body.
Then the police brought to the municipal hospital Luiz Buritis to take drugs in order to disguise the injury. In addition to the cowardice of torture, the police still had the chutzpah to release a news page on the Internet that Louis "had run the bike at the sight of the vehicles and that her injuries were caused by a fall he had sustained during the escape ". And to top it off, Luiz still stuck for two days in Buritis police station before being released.
Luis was tortured by who committed the "crime" of being poor. Nobody torture Deputy corrupt white-collar criminals or landlords and their armed bands. Torture is non-bailable crime in Brazil, but has always been widely used by police, due to the certainty of impunity in crimes committed by the state. Torture has always been one of the many crimes committed by police in Rondonia, which act as armed militia of landlords.
The region has seen Buritis persecution and criminalization continued poor peasants fighting for land, civilian police and military have always had direct participation, is threatened, tortured or killed workers.
In Rondônia dozens of jobs are threatened with eviction, while the landlords and their armed bands follow increasingly encouraged to act with impunity before the escalation of repression by the judiciary, police and communications monopolies, all service landlordism.
This case is serious and represents the total failure of the government's land reform, where farmers are struggling harshly repressed and no land is cut. The ombudsman and Incra land are directly responsible for what may happen to the farmers of Rio Alto.
We demand punishment for the officers involved in cases of torture and murder of peasants in the region of Buritis.

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