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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Afghanistan-Maoist speak out on the war

Bonn II: A Gathering for Deciding about the Future of the Occupying War against Our People

Ten years ago from now, December 2001, the invading American and British imperialists and their allies, organized the Bonn Meeting to sketch their future war plans against our people and in order to put in place a puppet regime in Afghanistan. In this gathering under the wings of the imperialists a flock of national traitors were brought to assemble the different components of the puppet regime. In this gathering, the United Nations was employed to provide an international and legal façade for the war of imperialist aggression against Afghanistan, under  the pretext of "war against terrorism."
According to the official plans devised in the Bonn I, the imperialist occupying war against our people, and finalizing the formation of a puppet regime in Afghanistan should have been completed in three years. However, this process was prolonged, and could not have been otherwise. The three years plan of imperialist war against our people has lasted for ten years, and it is apparent that it will continue until 2014. And thus a three year planned war of aggression and occupation has now lasted for ten years and would continue for another three years and in total would last for thirteen years.
As a matter of fact the first three years of the presence of the occupying American imperialists and its allies in Afghanistan, which according to the plans of Bonn I should have ended then, there did not emerge a significant armed resistance against them. However, with the passage of the first three years, not only the presence of occupiers in Afghanistan continued, but it became clear that they will stay for a long time in this country; therefore, the waves of resistance against them expanded and has continuously increased.          
Now once again the imperialist occupiers are gathering in Bonn in order to rearrange the plans for the future of their war against our people. However, this planning is not merely regarding the next three years, but it is a two stage plan of thirteen years. The first stage includes from now until the end of 2014 and the second stage starts from 2014 until the end of 2024. In the first stage though America's allies' and a part of America's forces itself is leaving Afghanistan, thus the military, political and economic strategic agreement between them and the puppet regime has to be formalized, in order to allow to continue with their invasions and military interventions against our country and its people.
It has become apparent that the American imperialists intend to keep tens of thousands of their forces in several key military strategic bases in Afghanistan even after 2014. The ten years extendable strategic agreement between the US and Karzai's puppet regime is supposed to provide the legal framework for the presence of American forces and the establishment of their long-term military bases in Afghanistan. It is designed that the legal basis for the continuation of invasions and military interventions of American imperialist's allies too would be provided through these strategic agreements with the puppet regime. British, German, French, Australian and other imperialists, and the European Union as whole can continue with their aggressions and military interventions against Afghanistan and its people based on these kind of agreements.
The strategic agreement between the expansionist reactionary Indian state and the Kabul puppet regime that was signed a while ago between Manmohan Singh and Hamid Karzai is an essential aspect of the overall strategic agreements signed between the Karzai regime and the imperialist and reactionary powers from the perspective of regional power realignments. India and Pakistan since their "independence" in 1947 from British Empire have fought three wars with each other. As a result of these wars eastern Pakistan seceded from western Pakistan and became an independent country, Bangladesh. Moreover, in Kashmir the war situation between India and Pakistan has continued and the ceasefire between the two sides is being continuously violated. In this context, signing the strategic agreement between the Indian government and the puppet regime is nothing other than the alignment of the Indian state and the Kabul puppet regime against Pakistan. Since the establishment of Pakistan the relation between the central government in Afghanistan and Pakistani state has continuously been tense over the controversial issue of Durand Line and this state of affairs has been the reason for a friendly relations between the central government in Afghanistan and India. But it is for the first time that this friendly relation has advanced to the level of a strategic agreement.
The emergence of this kind of circumstances would be an important source of regional tensions and conflicts, and would even further ignite the flames of reactionary conflicts that have already engulfed the region. On the other hand a prolonged presence of the American strategic military bases in Afghanistan not only would be a source of serious reservations and worries for other global and regional powers and our neighbors, Iran, China, and Russia but it would be a concern for all nations and peoples of the region. Thus, the continuation of America's and its allies imperialist wars against our country and people, whose central issue is the persistence of the presence of the strategic military bases in Afghanistan, proves and illustrates the following:
The American imperialists and its allies have not come to Afghanistan to fight against terrorism, for promotion of democracy and human rights, women's rights and the rights of oppressed nationalities, and for the social, cultural and economic developments. In reality they are after their regional and global political and economic strategic interests and they do not intend to easily leave our people alone and the peoples of the region and they would not withdraw their occupying forces from Afghanistan. The strategic agreement between the US government and the puppet regime though its term is until the end of 2024, it would for sure be further extended. That is why this agreement is extendable not only for once but for several times.
The Bonn II conference is a gathering for the purposes of the implementation and execution of this plan of the American imperialists and its European and non-European allies. That is why, we view this gathering an event about the future of occupying, aggressive, and interventionist imperialist war against our country and our people and we strongly condemn it.
The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan that is working towards and preparing for the peoples revolutionary war of national resistance against the occupiers and the puppet regime, strongly believes that the continued presence of the American imperialist occupiers in Afghanistan after the 2014 would increase the pressure of war against our people, but would also ignite and increase other regional tensions. Therefore, the prolonged presence of the strategic military presence of America in Afghanistan would not, only not reduce the resistance against them, but it will even further strengthen and expand the social base of resistance against them. Moreover, the continuation of the American occupiers' crisis-engendering presence in Afghanistan would increase the opposition against them in the entire region. At a time when the entire imperialist world system and specially the American imperialists have been engulfed with a severe economic crisis and the peoples resistance in the imperialist countries is on the rise; moreover, the corruption and rottenness of the puppet regime is incurable, we strongly believe that American imperialists and its national traitor satraps would be defeated in the face of a broad based and prolonged national resistance.
Based on this conviction we have augmented our preparatory efforts for the people's revolutionary war of national resistance and we strive to move from the stage of preparation to the start of the actual war sooner rather then later. Towards this end we are asking from all revolutionary, democratic, and progressive forces and individuals for their assistance and cooperation.
The imperialist plans for the future of the occupying war against our people are doomed to failure!
Forward towards the people's revolutionary war of national resistance!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan
November 22, 2011.

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